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Why carrying your work around in your pocket is the new normal

Collaboration wherever you are, whenever you want and from whatever device

Mobile collaboration solutions enabling document synchronisation and secure file sharing have become widespread in modern business environments of all kinds. These online solutions offer employees the flexibility they need, whilst also enhancing the data security crucial to good business. They let employees create and manage their own working structures and benefit from data storage and file sharing options more efficiently than ever before by working wherever they are, whenever they want, from their device of choice. 

If such tools are used within a business environment without acknowledgement from the company’s IT department, however, and the employee in question subsequently leaves the organisation, then information and documents can be lost as a result. Measures to protect content have also grown in importance since stricter European Data Protection Regulations have come into force in recent years. 

Konica Minolta’s dokoni SYNC & SHARE mobile collaboration solution offers a rounded package addressing all such needs. The solution lets your company support and secure employees using a platform enabling them to synchronise and share documents securely with external and internal collaborators, independent of time, device and location, while protecting any content stored on the platform. 

The application keeps previous versions of documents intact, and reliably tracks and saves individual input and contributions. The option to add comments to files and documents and automatically send notifications to collaborators enhances speed and efficiency when working jointly on documents. The application gives users of dokoni SYNC & SHARE total flexibility with regard to time, location and device, making it particularly interesting for companies operating in multiple countries

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dokoni SYNC & SHARE

dokoni SYNC & SHARE

Document Distribution

  • File sharing to internal and external collaborators 
  • Accessibility from all devices
  • Integration to multiple data repositories
  • Federated connectivity to multiple installations at different locations 
  • File drop functionality

Content Management

  • Synchronisation keeps all data synchronized to all users and all devices
  • File favourites enables quick access to most used files
  • Comment files to discuss file based content
  • Tagging of documents for faster search 
  • Workflow possibility
  • User management 

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