Dynamics 365 Business Central

Don’t neglect your back-end system - taking care of your core business processes

Business processes such as resource planning and bookkeeping are key to every company’s work routine. Nowadays, digital solutions are mandatory in order to manage these processes in the back end properly. Since many of them focus just on a part of these processes, several tools are applied separately – making the IT-infrastructure unnecessarily complicated and making inefficiencies and redundancies more likely to happen. This lowers productivity to a critical level – especially for SMBs – leading to a contradictory situation where a system that is originally introduced to reduce efforts and costs ends up needing additional resources to be managed.

Finding the exact resource planning solution your organisation needs

A holistic ERP solution is required to tackle the needs of companies. Konica Minolta provides a solution that is able to combine all ERP functionalities in one software package. The integrated solution optimises and consolidates work processes in the back end. Business Central is the solution to manage all business processes: connected and adaptable. SMBs in particular benefit from the variety of functionalities.

Enterprise Resource Planning can do so much more for you

Business Central is the key solution to manage business processes tailored to the needs of SMBs. The successor to the well-known Microsoft Dynamics NAV comes with an advanced set-up of features that benefit every business process.

The functionalities included in Business Central are as differentiated as the requirements of SMBs in this field: from financing and bookkeeping with various currencies, business intelligence, project management, purchasing and sales to supply-chain management. Everything needed for appropriate resource planning is on board. Since Business Central is highly adaptable, any configuration can be chosen: the set-up is completely based on the customers’ needs.

Business Central is able to connect work processes across departments in order to keep all employees at the same level of knowledge – making e.g. duplicate orders a thing of the past. Additionally, user interfaces can be customised to the specific requirements of employees and departments. The applications are accessible from mobile devices as well, empowering employees to work remotely and tailored to what they need.

The smart and supportive system not only manages processes, it improves them. Reports and analyses in real time can identify trends and possibilities for improvement to boost efficiency and transparency. Business Central provides an overview of all processes and data. The supply chain can be optimised thanks to the overview of all capacities and resources as well as recommendations for supply orders. Furthermore, the joined data display shows all figures needed – independent of departments – to improve financial administration and forecasting.

Konica Minolta deploys the optimal set-up according to a customer’s needs by analysing its current IT environment, consults accordingly and manages the implementation of the individually crafted solution. The clear licensing model benefits here too, eliminating any difficulties with ERP systems – while being cost-efficient, secure and GDPR-compliant.

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • Business Central delivers an all-in-one ERP solution
  • Fast, flexible and connected applications make the difference for business processes
  • No complex IT infrastructure or licensing model needed, inefficiencies are reduced

Sustainability in the cloud

To reduce the environmental impact of its data centres, Microsoft has set itself a number of goals, which it intends to achieve over time using a variety of measures. Among them:

  • By 2025, Microsoft expects to power its data centres with 100% additional, new renewable energy generation that matches its electricity consumption on an annual basis.

  • By 2030, Microsoft will achieve 90% diversion of operational waste at data centres. Four of its data centres are already zero waste certified: Dublin in Ireland; and San Antonio, Quincy and Boydton in the US.

  • Data centre cooling operations consume a lot of water. By 2024, Microsoft will reduce water waste in its data centre operations by 95%.

  • Cement accounts for around 8% of global emissions. Microsoft is reducing how much cement it uses in its data centres by opting for 56-day rather than 28-day cure times.

In Europe, the Microsoft data centre in Sweden is the most advanced in terms of sustainability features:

  • It uses 100% carbon-free energy.

  • A 24/7 hourly energy matching is done.

  • It captures rainwater.

  • It is cooled with outside air only.

  • It is one of the first sites to use lower-carbon renewable fuel for backup power — Preem Evolution Diesel Plus. This is the world's first Nordic Eco-labelled diesel and nearly an equivalent reduction in net CO2 emissions compared with standard fossil diesel blends. In general, Microsoft is committed to being diesel free by 2030.

To learn more about Konica Minolta’s approach to sustainability, visit our sustainability webpages.


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