Colour and Gloss Measurement of Automotive Paint & Coatings

QC and Colour Formulation of Solid and Effect Paints Including Metallic and Pearlescent

Colour and Gloss Measurement of Automotive Paint & Coatings

Quality Control and colour formulation of solid, metallic, pearlescent, and effect paints in automotive

For automotive paint and parallel applications, colour matters, and the right colour sells.

The external appearance of an automobile is a key quality parameter that influences the customer's purchase decision and demonstrates the quality of the brand to the outside world. Such high-quality paint finishes are susceptible to finish defects such as orange peel and surface haze (to a lesser extent for new vehicles). Management of these defects can make the difference between a high- or low-quality finish, and is of, at least, equal importance than colour accuracy to the paint line and the consumer. The speed of innovation and changing trends in the automotive segment are more evident than almost anywhere else. Presently, more than 80 % of newly manufactured cars are coated with effect paints. The innovation and expectation must be reflected in both OEM and refinish markets, coping with new colours, changes to material specifications and suppliers.

One of the core challenges for the automotive industry is ensuring that the overall appearance of the vehicle is consistent and that the finish of the paintwork of adjacent panels is harmonious.

Konica Minolta Measuring Instruments offer complete solutions for accurate colour and appearance characterisation of high gloss and effect paints throughout the coating process. By integrating colour and appearance measurement data, the paint line can optimise processes throughout production, from raw material to E-coat and C-coat. By implementing data driven systems, the paint line can more effectively predict and effect the end result, improving efficiency, cutting costs, and ultimately improving output quality. Our experts can help you to implement a straightforward system that provides more easily actionable data and reduces the subjectivity of QC processes.

Konica Minolta’s multi angle spectrophotometer is vertically orientated, designed to provide the best possible surface contact on small and curved surfaces that would typically be considered the most challenging. By using 45-degree illumination and 6 measuring angles, the effect of metallics can be most accurately characterised. For interior parts with non-effect coatings, the CM-25cG is an easy-to-use portable instrument designed for digital colour data. 

Konica Minolta has an exclusive distribution agreement with Rhopoint Instruments, supplying their innovative next generation gloss and appearance measurement solutions to the automotive industry. The Rhopoint TAMS is a portable machine vision system for surfaces, it can be used to provide detailed surface information in RMAT mode for characterising rolled sheet materials, pressed parts, and the E-Coat. For C-coat measurements, the TAMS ranks panels for Quality and Harmony, simplifying the data to relate it to the human observer. Rhopoint created the algorithm based on an extensive perception study conducted with AUDI AG. Konica Minolta also supply the Rhopoint IQ-S, a close tolerance next generation glossmeter providing data not only for 20°, 60° and 85° gloss, but also for Rspec, RIQ (Reflected Image Quality) and Haze.


  • React rapidly to demanding consumer requests.
  • Communicate precise colour and appearance specifications throughout the supply chain.
  • Improve consistency, set realistic and achievable expectations by benchmarking your own and competitor finishes.
  • Improve certainty of coating process, minimising rework, and maximising final finish quality.
  • Achieve tight tolerances according to the respective automotive standards.
  • Speed up processes and reduce the number of corrections.
  • Ensure colour and finish quality at final assembly.
  • Strengthen brand identity.



Rhopoint TAMS™

Portable machine vision system with innovative Quality and Harmony data for assessment of surface finish of all panels as part of a whole. The Rhopoint TAMS™ was developed to measure not just the final finish but the surface through the coating process.

Rhopoint IQ FLEX 20-S

IQ glossmeter is ideal for small and difficult high gloss parts such as chrome details, trims etc., thanks to its small area remote receptor head.  It measures data for 20-degree gloss, R-Spec, DOI, and RIQ to provide a more accurate assessment of surface finish. 

Rhopoint IQ-S Close-Tolerance Glossmeter

Trigloss 20/60/85° close-tolerance IQ version for maximum accuracy and resolution in all gloss applications. This new generation glossmeter also provides data for Rspec, DOI, and Haze.

CM-26dG Portable Spectrophotometer

Portable spectrophotometer with extraordinary accuracy and inter-instrument agreement, providing great flexibility of use with two easily interchangeable measurement apertures. It delivers measurement data including (SCI) and excluding (SCE) surface conditions in one measurement sequence, at ultra-high speed. In addition, it has an integrated ISO 2813 compliant 60° gloss sensor.

CM-36dG Benchtop Spectrophotometer

Industry’s first colour and gloss benchtop spectrophotometer, it has an integrated ISO 2813 compliant 60° gloss sensor that measures colour and true gloss simultaneously. The high-precision and high reliability instrument is able to measure colour in reflection and/or transmittance, ideally suited to various paint applications.

CM-M6 Multi-angle Spectrophotometer

Portable multi-angle spectrophotometer especially designed for colour measurement of metallic and effect paints. It uses a new, patented double-path illumination system with directed 45° illumination and 6-angle specular observation from two sides to accurately measure painted parts at the automotive production floor.

CM-25cG Portable Spectrophotometer

45°c:0° geometry portable spectrophotometer with a true 60°-gloss-sensor, renowned for providing colour values offering excellent correlation to visual perception by fully excluding surface effects of gloss and/or texture.

Light Booth

The use of a colour assessment cabinet in quality is strongly recommend to assure a visual match when compared to data and assessments of a colour measuring instrument. JUST Normlicht light cabinets assure that visual colour assessments are done in a consistent and objective way, not affected by constantly changing natural or artificial lighting. Several versions are available to suit your specific needs and eliminate product quality and supply chain problems caused by colour inaccuracy.

SpectraMagic NX2

SpectraMagic NX2 is a colour measurement software package that can be used to interface with Konica Minolta instruments. It provides extended reporting and analysis of colour and colour difference. The user has full control of customisation of templates and reports.

Eines Vision Solutions

Eines Vision Solutions detect paint defects, Gap and Flush, Scratches and Dents and check parts and the correctness of vehicle battery assembly. All these functionalities for the automotive facilities are based on up-to-date technology in a continuous improvement process.



Measurement of Effect Paints

Get accurate and stable results on curved surfaces with metallic effect coatings used in automotive exterior thanks to the new, patented double-path illumination system. Measure front and rear bumpers, vehicle mirror bodies or door handles fast and repeatedly. Compact and lightweight, the vertical shape of the CM-M6 enables easy positioning, while the high-resolution back-illuminated colour display is readable even in the lowest ambient lighting conditions.

Hatchback automobiles on an assembly-line/paint-line

Measurement of RMAT

The Rhopoint TAMS™ can be used to measure a surface prior to and throughout the coating process. Using the data about the surface as raw metal, pressed part, E-Coat, etc., will allow the paint line to better predict the final quality of a part, test remedial measures, and optimise processes ultimately saving time and waste.

Measurement of gloss and surface haze in the automotive interior

The Rhopoint IQ-S close-tolerance glossmeter can measure the gloss of surfaces inside the automobile. Gloss control can be used to reduce distracting reflections inside the cabin and to improve the consistency of surface appearance. By using Rhopoint IQ-S instrument, it is possible to measure of haze, reflected image quality, orange peel and other surface conditions, with a single instrument. A small receptor head glossmeter is also available for small or curved surfaces.

Female worker inspecting the surface finish on an automobile.

Measurement for Competitor Benchmarking

Development teams can easily benchmark competitor paintwork in a consistent manner using the reporting templates of the Rhopoint TAMS to assess the finish quality of each panel and the overall harmony between all panels. 

Understanding the competitor product is an essential step in positioning the product and the brand in the market whilst maintaining an effective cost to performance ratio.

Vision Systems for Assembly and Body

Konica Minolta group company EINES manufactures vision systems for inspection of paint, sealing, and glazing, allowing customers to automate and expedite common inspection tasks on the automotive assembly line. EINES also offers flush and gap inspection solutions and their solutions are inspecting over 8million cars a year.

Measurement of Interior Colours

When measuring interior coated surfaces, typically a d:8° sphere-based spectrophotometer is the best solution for any automotive colour quality control applications. The CM-26dG, features a built-in ISO-compliant 60° gloss sensor, ergonomic design, large display, and process-focussed features such as the Job Control (image-based workflow feature). It is also a close tolerance instrument by design, making it an ideal solution for sites or supply chains requiring large numbers of traceable measuring devices.

R&D and Quality Control for Automotive Interior and Exterior

Konica Minolta, along with group company Radiant Vision Systems and partner Rhopoint Instruments, offer leading technology and turnkey solutions for R&D and quality control on the production line. Our experienced teams can help you to implement measurement and control solutions for automotive interior and exterior throughout development, manufacturing, and quality control, all supported by a global sales and support network.

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