Colour Measurement for Powders, Grains, Granules, Beans

For flour, milk powders, coffee beans, granules, and more

Colour Measurement for Powders, Beans, and Grains

Simple, repeatable, and traceable measurement of grains, beans, powders, and similar products.

Despite their size and shape, the colour of powders, granules, grains, beans, etc. can be consistently and accurately measured. Colour measurement of powders, granules, etc. allows the organisation to control production processes using colour data to characterise products in their natural state, during processing such as roasting or mixing and to control the colour of the finished product.

Konica Minolta Measuring Instruments offer a range of high-quality and affordable devices that will allow organisations to establish colour data systems for development laboratories, process control, and quality control; combining advanced technology, ease of use, and affordability.

Colour can provide a data driven path to improving consistency, optimising processes, and reducing waste and out of spec production.

Konica Minolta's experienced team offers a global network of local sales and service centres to ensure that we can assist our customers in getting the best from their measurement solution.

Our portable colorimeters can utilise a powder press or cell holder to achieve a consistent sample presentation. Customers in the coffee industry can utilise the custom designed cell holder and CR-410C coffee meter which includes the SCAA coffee index loaded to the device by default.
Our benchtop instruments offer a versatile solution for laboratory users, averaging a large aperture size for traceable and repeatable colour data that corresponds with the human observer, whilst also offering further options for a wider range of sample forms.
Customers can benefit from the expertise of our team and flexible software to create custom indices, colour tolerances, or simplified pass/warn/fail systems.


  • Reduce waste and costs
  • Improve consistency
  • Optimise processes
  • Set and maintain realistic working tolerances
  • Improve perceived quality



CM-5 Benchtop Spectrophotometer

Top port benchtop spectrophotometer that can measure all sample types using its large aperture measurement and petri dish accessories.

CR-400/CR-410 Colorimeter

The CR-400 or CR-410 offers a cost-effective approach to measurement of powders, granules, and beans. The larger aperture of the CR-410 is preferred to measure larger granules and beans as it averages a larger area. Custom accessories will enable repeatable measurements and consistent sample presentation.

CR-410C Colorimeter Coffee Edition

The CR-410C is a custom edition of the CR-410 that includes the SCAA (Speciality Coffee Association of America) index installed in the device and a purpose-built jig to position coffee beans, ground, or granules for measurement. 

CR-5 Benchtop Colorimeter

The CR-5 benchtop spectrophotometer is used for measurement of samples in reflectance and transmission. The CR-5 has a top facing port for measurement of granules, powdered, or grain samples in petri dishes.



Measurement of Coffee Beans and Granules

Coffee products can be measured using the specialised CR-410C which features a custom jig and sliding sample holder to offer repeatable and accurate measurement of all manner of coffee products to the SCAA index. This allows operators to quickly and simply perform QC checks on all manner of coffee products.

Measurement of Powdered Dairy Products

Using the CR-400/410 and the purpose-built powder press accessory, the operator can quickly and repeatably take a sample from a powdered product. Simply press the powder into a firm and unified surface, and measure through optical glass to obtain actionable colour data. Spectramagic NX2 can utilise a template to output data to customer indices or standard yellowness or whiteness scores.

Measurement of Lentils and Pulses

Using the top facing measurement port of the CR-5 and its petri dish accessory, the operator can fill the petri dish with lentils, pulses, beans, or similar products in order to make colour measurements for QC or process control. The large 30mm measurement aperture averages the colour of a larger area providing  more repeatable measurements that correlate with the human observer. Samples should be filled to a consistent depth and some samples may benefit from being remade for average measurements.

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