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It all starts with more efficient management of documents and data

Organisations that transform from paper-based to digital information management can expect to benefit from more efficient processes, as well as savings on paper, printing and physical document storage costs.  

But whatever electronic document and data storage system your company implements, you need to be confident that your information assets are properly protected against the risk of data breaches, as well as unauthorised access by your own users.  

Moving to electronic information management also brings compliance considerations. If your digital information management solution is based anywhere other than on your own premises, are you confident that the storage location ensures that personally identifiable information (PII) you hold about employees, customers and other individuals is stored in a GDPR-compliant manner?

  • Do you have a process for responding to data subject access or erasure requests? If so, how smooth is that process?  
  • Can you be certain of locating all of the relevant PII across all your information and document locations?  
  • In the event of a data breach, could you identify and report on potentially compromised documents and records in a timeframe that's compliant with regulations? 

If you're unable to comply or can't provide information within the mandated timeframes for responding, you could risk costly fines, as well as reputational damage and loss of customer trust.

In 2021, more than 130,000 personal data breaches were notified and nearly 1.1 billion euros worth of fines were issued against organisations for violations of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Source: "Report: GDPR fines surpass $1B in 2021; breach notifications also rise," Compliance Week, January 2022


Smarter ways to manage risk and compliance for digital information

Konica Minolta solutions help you manage digital information and the associated risks more easily, and comply more readily with regulations.  

Our digital information management services enable you to control user access using metadata-driven permissions, and to set printing and copying rules for additional data protection. Our solutions maintain a full version history and audit trail, so you always know who changed what information, and when. You can also set automatic data retention rules in line with regulations or your own policies.

When you use our information management solutions to store your data, you benefit from end-to-end encryption that helps protect your files and documents against breaches and intrusions. Depending on which Konica Minolta solution you choose, it can be deployed on your premises or in the cloud. Cloud delivery is from secure GDPR-compliant data centres in Europe, so you can be certain of achieving a high level of data sovereignty by always being in control of your data and applications. We also make sure that our solutions and facilities keep pace with any changes to GDPR and other relevant regulations.  

Our solutions are also designed to take a lot of the manual work out of GDPR processes relating to PII and data subject rights, so you can meet key regulatory obligations more efficiently and confidently:

Right to access. Quickly and easily search all your data repositories to find all documents about an individual and report on the PII being stored and processed, and where it's located.

Right to be forgotten. Use the PII report to enable removal of an individual's PII by your Data Protection Officer. Post removal, run the report again to confirm all the relevant data has been deleted.

Right to data portability. Use the PII report to enable you to gather all the data you hold about an individual and pass it to them for transfer to another environment.

Obligation to provide breach notification. If you believe your organisation has suffered a data breach, our solutions help you create reporting on all of the impacted records holding PII to share with the authorities, as well as the individuals concerned, within the mandated 72-hour notification window.  

Data leakage. Monitor your repositories in real time to detect any personal information that shouldn't be there. For example, credit card numbers mustn't be stored in end-user messaging services like emails. If an occurrence is detected, you can take swift corrective action.


Benefits of Compliance and Risk Management solutions

Increased confidence that data and information assets are property protected

Enhanced procedures for digital information security and risk management

Efficient automated processes that streamline regulatory compliance

EU-based storage, ensuring your data is never subject to overseas legislation

1. What's the difference between compliance and risk management?

Compliance and risk management are closely aligned, and both help a company to maintain its stability and integrity. Compliance is about meeting regulatory requirements (and so avoiding costly fines, penalties and reputational damage). It's more prescriptive than risk management — a more strategic activity that looks to forecast the impact risks may have on a company, and balance them against the potential upsides.

2. What GDPR compliance requirements can a digital information management solution support?

Meeting GDPR requirements around data subject rights (right to access, right to be forgotten, right to data portability) can be a time-consuming task if the process for locating all the relevant PII is manual.  

Konica Minolta's solutions, dokoniFIND Insight and M-Files support organisations' GDPR compliance projects, policies and procedures, as well as ongoing activities to maintain compliance. Our solutions automatically identify PII across all your data stores (both structured and unstructured sources), extract it, and manage customised reports in just a few clicks. They also enable you to verify that any required actions on the retrieved data have been completed; and help you more easily meet GDPR breach notification timeframes in the event of data being compromised.

3. How can I improve data protection and security at my company without disrupting operations?

Konica Minolta's enterprise information management and search solutions, M-Files and dokoniFIND, help you gain control over your structured and unstructured data with no need to move it from its existing locations. So you can simplify the way you manage your data and information management risk. In addition, M-Files allows you to set document permissions and workflows to ensure personal data can be viewed, edited and printed by authorised individuals only.

Fundamentals of data protection and data security

Secure and compliant must be effective and easy

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