I want less complexity regarding
my office IT

I want to store and protect my data
and manage my back-ups

I want the highest video security for
my business at low costs

I want to optimise my contract
management through automation

I want to safeguard the
confidentiality of customer data

I want to digitally process all my
incoming mail

I want a globally connected work-
place with all digital services

I want to deliver sharp and clear
images for patients and doctors

I want to protect my critical infra-
structure and machinery

I want to streamline my invoice
processing with automation

I want to protect my workplace
environment from security threats

I want to monitor my warehouse with
highest efficiency and security

I want to share my data efficiently
across all systems

I want to safeguard my premises
under any weather condition

I want to monitor all my hardware,
systems and applications remotely

I want to integrate business
intelligence with video security

I want to enhance productivity
for my IoT devices

I want a fast and reliable search
solution at only one click

I want a robust and reliable
security solution for my vehicles

I want to safeguard the
confidentiality of customer data

I want a globally connected work-
place with all digital services

I want to print from anywhere
at any time

I want to centrally control my
entire printing environment

I want a reliable print infra-
structure tailored to my needs

I want to manage my print
infrastructure secure & efficient

I want to increase printing security
through rights management

I want to enhance productivity
for my IoT devices

I want to track and optimise my
printing costs for all my users

I want to deliver professional
results in inkjet printing

I want to add a first class haptic
experience to my printed products

I want to print profitable labels
with short lead-times

I want to publish books on demand at
high speed and lower cost

I want to manage colours and images
for highest printing quality

I want to reach my audience across
all media

I want a globally connected work-
place with all digital services

I want to increase profits and cut
production time

I want to set up my printing press
for the future

I want to reduce admin duplication
and eliminate data errors

I want to harmonise digital and
offset press

I want to make my transaction
documents boost sales

I want to focus on individual
customer interests

I want to offer creative online
printing solutions to my clients

I want to print all my wide formats
with only one software solution

I want to boost my productivity
and automate my workflow

I want to get the best use out of
Augmented and Virtual Reality

I want to deliver innovative digital
services to physical workplaces

I want to see the finest possible
detail on my x-ray images

I want high quality printing of
medical images at low cost

I want innovative technologies to
process medical data

I want to reduce risk, increase com-
pliance and improve documentation

I want to to easily assess a
patient’s rheumatoid arthritis

I want to learn more about Color- &
Light-Measurement Solutions

I want to learn more about
Industrial Inkjet

I want to learn more about
Optical Products

I want to learn more about
Performance Materials

I want to learn more about

Konica Minolta named a Leader by IDC MarketScape for worldwide print transformation

Konica Minolta is positioned in the Leaders category in this IDC MarketScape for worldwide print transformation.
While Konica Minolta is typically perceived as an MFP/printer vendor, the company has made considerable progress in repositioning itself as a managed services company that delivers workplace solutions. Thus KonicaMinolta's product evolution involves a continuum of products and services including hardware, managed services, and business process automation integrated into an Intelligent Connected Workplace.

Download the IDC MarketScape
IDC transformation leader 2020 Konica Minolta

Update - Impact of Coronavirus

Konica Minolta is closely monitoring the rapidly evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and updating our business continuity plans accordingly. These plans outline specific ways Konica Minolta will adapt our operations to reflect changing environments in all geographies in which we operate. Our team is committed to serving our customers and partners, and protecting the health and safety of our employees, customers and visitors.

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Rethink your work and make your business future-proof with remote work solutions

Konica Minolta will show how security is anchored in corporate culture at the IDC European CISO Summit

Malware, ransomware attacks, phishing attacks — cyber-attacks can have dramatic consequences for a company’s business continuity. Being fully protected requires a corporate culture in which security is deeply rooted. By participating as a GOLD sponsor in the IDC European CISO Summit on 16–17 November 2020, Konica Minolta aims to show those who attend its expert talk and several discussion panels how companies can anchor security into their corporate culture.

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Konica Minolta Environmental Management System once again receives ISO 14001:2015 certification

With its Environmental Management System (EMS), Konica Minolta is committed to reducing its environmental impact, complying with Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) legislation and considering essential stakeholder requirements. EMS integrates...

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