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Secure your documents using cloud services

Want to work from anywhere but be able to access documents and print them securely? Moving to a secure cloud-based solution could be the right move for you.

Watch our webinar 'Secure your documents using cloud services' where we gained valuable insights from our special guests, Mick Heys, Vice President, Future of WorkSpace & Imaging, IDC EMEA and Thomas Areas, Head of IT at BridgingIT GmbH.

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Konica Minolta Information

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria
As European Headquarters, where our Turkish subsidiary is part of our Konica Minolta family, we are in close contact with our colleagues in Turkey.

Konica Minolta Information

Konica Minolta on the war between Russia and Ukraine / Impact on Konica Minolta’s business with Konica Minolta Subsidiary in Russia
In the middle of Europe we are now facing a dreadful, despicable and devastating war. As Konica Minolta Europe we are condemning any act of violence and warfare.

Start a print revolution

We create opportunities for print. Everything from conquering new markets to embracing new technologies and creating increasingly unique customer experiences. Together, we take your company to places you could never have imagined. Take the step into the future of printing together with us!

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Konica Minolta identifies five important trends that will shape and influence the Digital Workplace in 2024

The ongoing evolution and expansion of the Digital Workplace has been highly evident throughout 2023. It has continued to play a pivotal role in successfully enabling remote working, transforming the modern office into a geographically dispersed...

Konica Minolta’s Intelligent Connected Workplace: Customer Voices

At Konica Minolta, the breadth of our solutions, services, and offering gives us a unique ability to help you. By working with you, we can successfully put you on the right path to digitally transforming your organisation, as well as helping you navigate the future wave of change. We have a vision of a world where everything is connected intelligently, where people collaborate and move fluidly across different work scenarios and providers. With our Intelligent Connected Workplace, we make your workplace work for you.

Konica Minolta's business services

Digital Workplace

In support of an ‘Intelligent Connected Workplace’, Konica Minolta offers cloud, IT, managed print and video solution services for remote working, collaboration, workflow management and automation and security.

Professional Printing

Innovative digital printing and inkjet solutions to expand your business

Business Innovation Centre

Discover our latest innovations via our Business Innovation Centers


Contributing to the advancement of healthcare by promoting medical diagnostic imaging solutions centered on X-ray, ultrasound, and medical information technologies, and by providing genetic diagnostics and pharmaceutical services.

Measuring Instruments

We offer measuring instruments that make full use of our advanced optical technology to quantify light and color with high reliability, and high value-added products and solutions for numerical control of those properties.

Textile Printers

Konica Minolta's Nassenger Series Inkjet Textile Printing System has been gaining popularity as an innovative printing system that meets the growing demand in industry for short-run production with enhanced design capability.

Materials & Components

We contribute to the advancement of input/output in industrial digitalization by offering the materials and components that are essential for a supply chain based on technology we have accumulated over the years.

Imaging IoT

Konica Minolta contributes to the achievement of a safe and secure society to solve problems caused by labor shortages and aging of the population. We accomplish this by using our original imaging IoT/AI technology to provide no-contact and remote solutions in real-time.


A comprehensive manufacturer of planetariums. Konica Minolta Planetarium has engaged in the development and manufacturing of optical and digital planetarium equipment, and LED domes, as well as content production, sales, and distribution.