Colour Precision at Your Fingertips with Integrated Viewfinder Camera Portable Spectrophotometer CM-17d Discover
Accurately measure small target areas with high speed Modern non-contact spectrophotometer CF-300 Discover
Ultra-low Luminance Measurement Flagship spectroradiometer model CS-3000 series DISCOVER
RHOPOINT TAMS™ | TOTAL APPEARANCE MEASUREMENT SYSTEM The ultimate quality control instrument that handles:
✓ Raw Material ✓ E-Coat ✓ C-Coat
MEASUREMENT SOLUTION FOR AUTOMOTIVE LIGHTING & DISPLAYS The world's fastest and most accurate high-resolution imaging colorimeter Discover
REVEAL THE INVISIBLE WITH HYPERSPECTRAL IMAGING CAMERA Identify and sort different materials for quality control Discover
AUTOMOTIVE PARTS CHECK SOLUTIONS Vision Systems for Quality Inspection Discover
TRUST YOUR EYES | MYIRO-1 MEASURES WHAT YOU SEE Innovative, user-friendly & accurate Discover

Measuring Instruments for Colour & Appearance and Light & Display

We offer measuring instruments that make full use of our advanced optical technology to quantify light and colour with high reliability, and high value-added products and solutions for numerical control of those properties.

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