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Out with IT headaches: A modern, simple workplace IT managed by Konica Minolta

Fast growing workplace IT infrastructure. Old systems meet new software. Increasing security risk. No time and internal resources for monitoring and maintaining hardware, software and applications. Sound familiar?

As a small or medium sized business, you have a lot to work on. As much as IT can be the biggest enabler for your work, it can also become the worst bottleneck for every small business.Very often IT is changing too fast and it is hard to keep up with the requirements of modern work environments.

We have identified the TOP 5 challenges and threats related to the IT of small and medium sized organisations like yours:


Your IT is not flexible enough to keep up with your business


Worries about the security of your data and systems keep you up at night


The complex management of your IT causes you headache


Office IT costs are high and hard to predict


You need tools for remote working right now
Hybrid Edge Computing infographic thumbnail

Hybrid Edge Computing Infographic

The digital age poses a variety of challenges to companies of all sizes, from securing sensitive data to maintaining state-of-the-art-IT, while technological possibilities enlarge, as well.

Have a look at our infographic

Managed Services make inhouse management of your IT infrastructure a thing of the past

Once your technology's age and limitations start to become a constraint on delivering exceptional products and service, it is about time to act. We take this burden from you, providing an end-to-end service with the benefits of print and workflow solutions as well as outstanding managed services.

Invoice Management, Print Management or Collaboration Tool needed? We've got you covered!

Workplace Hub integrates your IT and applications into an all-in-one solution, and keeps it up-to-date any time.

Simplicity instead of complexity: Workplace Hub frees you up from daily IT hassles

The life of a manager is exciting, filled with challenge, success, but also unpleasant surprises such as computer problems. But IT is mostly not the manager's key task. Signing a maintenance contract with an IT service provider may be a suitable and cost-effective option.

Workplace Hub changes your way of working​


Without Workplace Hub:

Inhouse Management of your IT environment

With Workplace Hub:

Managed IT environment by a reliable partner

The monitoring and maintenance of your Office IT are handled by yourself as a secondary task Your environment is fully managed by our professionals
You are trying to solve IT issues on your own Our 24/7 IT service desk and on-site service are close by and helping out quickly
Cumbersome management of different vendors with different service desks, support processes and standards An integrated, up-to-date Konica Minolta solution with high-end components and one support number to call
Data protection and system security are being neglected up until the moment it becomes critical Be prepared for any kind of security issue, through a dedicated backup service and firewall that are always up-to-date
No transparency on full IT costs makes it hard to plan Pay-as-you-go: Perfect predictability of IT costs through a fixed monthly fee
Further functionalities and applications are added to your work environment in a decentralised and fragmented way Streamline your work environment and increase productivity through scalable services and managed applications
Your office space is limited and you don’t have room for large IT equipment Workplace Hub replaces the space you used for your MFP, so you get IT on 1m².


The importance of IT security: Be prepared for attacks and vulnerabilities of your systems

Entering the office in the morning and discovering your data and your customers' data are lost. Time needed to get this solved on your own? Too long. A nightmare for every small business.
In the example of our Workplace Hub customer ADP Laboratoire, after a crypto virus attack, the only solution was to replace their entire IT.
Workplace Hub delivers a security service covering:
  • Cyber Security: Industry-leading firewall technology to protect your network
  • Data Security: End-to-end encryption ensures your data cannot be exploited
  • Backup: Your data is never lost and can be restored within hours in case of a breakdown
  • Konica Minolta data centres in Europe: GDPR compliant and secure
  • Proximity: IT experts close by to help you get back on track quickly
  • Expertise: Over 20 years experience in security
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Benefits of Workplace Hub

Always up-to-date IT related to Workplace Hub with the need of only few internal IT resources

Cost transparency through a fixed monthly fee

Reduction of operational IT spend​

Scalable services that adapt with the evolution of your business

Automated data back-up and recovery as well as security updates

Optional collaboration and remote working solution: Workplace Go

Partnering for Excellence

Together with best-of-breed technology partners like Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Sophos, Acronis and Microsoft, Workplace Hub delivers flexible and scalable IT for the modern digital workplace.

Our collaboration partners:


Konica Minolta Expands Workplace Hub Services Portfolio to Meet Evolving Market and Partner Requirements

This IDC Market Note looks at how Konica Minolta is expanding its Workplace Hub service portfolio to meet the evolving requirements of the SMB market segment and of its Workplace Hub partners.

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Hybrid Edge Computing e-book

Where are company data best stored and processed – in the cloud or on-premise? This thankfully outdated dichotomy is still shaping the discussion when it comes to managing IT infrastructure in companies, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).

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Powerful solutions for your individual needs - the choice is yours

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Your enabler for workplace simplicity: Intelligent. Connected. Secure.


Workplace Hub is the response to rapidly changing circumstances and the increased need of cloud capabilities, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of Microsoft and other third-party solutions.

Through our long-standing experience in the management of printing, combined with strong expertise in IT services, we deliver the Intelligent Connected Workplace on your terms.


                                                                                       Content Management                                   Managed Print



As a pure server version or enhanced with MFP functionalities - either way Workplace Hub combines revolutionary software, cloud capabilities and world-leading server technology that gives you more certainty and flexibility of your business.

Foundations for success from your office space

Particularly in smaller businesses, printing, copying, faxing and scanning are still very much at the core of everyday business routines. Recognising this need, the exemplary Workplace Hub service combines with high quality bizhub i-Series capabilities to deliver a powerful, space-saving solution on 1m².

Boost performance from your server room

As a pure server version, Workplace Hub can complement your existing system to manage your applications or your IT.

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