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Printing and scanning in the palm of your hand

Mobile devices have become part of everyday working life, simplifying information access and collaboration, and enabling people to create and edit documents any time, any place.  But printing from mobile devices like phones and tablets — especially personal devices allowed under BYOD initiatives — has long been difficult or even impossible, leading to frustration for mobile workers and hampering their productivity. Now it's easier than ever before to enable people to print from their mobile devices and get great results. Our solutions do away with the need to find and install printer drivers, and overcome concerns about security when non-corporate devices access the network.

Effortless printing from your mobile device

Konica Minolta's solutions for mobile printing make it easy to print from almost any phone or tablet to a bizhub multifunctional printer (MFP). Our solutions integrate seamlessly with a range of mobile operating systems (OS) and technologies, and suit a variety of scenarios.

Print from your mobile device to a bizhub MFP on the same network

Konica Minolta Workplace Pure makes it quick and easy to implement Cloud Print for secure, flexible location-independent printing from mobile devices and other sources.

Additionally, users with iOS and MacOS devices can print directly to any Konica Minolta bizhub MFP which is AirPrint certified by Apple. Users with Android and Windows 10 devices can print via Mopria Print Services (pre-installed on their devices).

Allow secure mobile printing for guests and visitors

Make it easy for guests and visitors to print from their mobile devices while keeping your business secure. Ideal for hotels, libraries, educational institutions and more, Secure Guest Print is a smart service from Konica Minolta Workplace Pure that's simple for anyone to use.

A guest or visitor simply sends their document to a pre-defined email address, then uses the PIN code they receive to release their printout at a bizhub MFP.

BENS Server is a scalable network print server that encrypts files sent to print, optimises print data streams, ensures Konica Minolta MFPs adapt to almost any print environment (including AirPrint), and refines mobile print data for high-quality results. You control user access, and you can require authentication to release print jobs.

SAFEQ Cloud is an all-in-one cloud-native print management and scanning solution. We provide the service on a SaaS basis, which removes the cost and burden of maintaining an own print environment, including servers and drivers. It's ideal as a secure, reliable and cost-effective alternative to managing an own on-premise print infrastructure.


Your benefits at a glance

Support for BYOD.

Enable easy, secure printing from any mobile device to support BYOD policies.

Intuitive to use.

Connect your mobile device to a printer quickly and easily, ready to print or scan.

Increase convenience and flexibility.

Give users more choice about the devices they print from, and how and when they print.

Enhance productivity.

Enable users to access print and scan functionality at any bizhub MFP from any mobile device.

Safeguard data
Keep your corporate data safe with end-to-end encryption and user authentication

1. What is mobile printing?

Now that many of us use increasingly capable mobile devices to create and edit documents and files, we want to be able to print them straight from those devices. This is known as mobile printing.

Traditionally, organisations have been reluctant to enable mobile printing — concerned especially about the chances of compromising the corporate network by allowing access from BYOD devices. Now, however, there's a range of solutions that make mobile printing less risky and more secure, without adding complexity for users. Solutions range from built-in mobile device capability that enables wireless access to printers on the same network; to enterprise solutions that provide centralised control and management functionality, as well as cost allocation and tracking.


2. How can mobile printing help my organisation?

Mobile printing can help your organisation:

  • Boost employee productivity, by allowing users to print anything from anywhere, and so get more done in less time.
  • Reduce wasted print, by enabling employees to print a document when they need it, instead of being tempted to print lots of documents out 'just in case'.
  • Improve customer service, by giving customer-facing staff the flexibility to print directly from their mobile devices during in-person customer interactions

Enjoy a flexible mobile workstyle

Konica Minolta makes printing from your mobile device even easier and more intuitive. You don’t even need to download external Apps or install a specific printer driver – our mobile features integrate seamlessly with innovative mobile technologies letting you print from your tablet or smartphone with just one click … that’s true innovation with a smart touch!

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