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Take video surveillance to the next level: automate detection and analysis

Video surveillance, security cameras or CCTV solutions have traditionally played a role in helping organisations secure a perimeter or property, allow access by authorised individuals only, or maintain a safe workplace.

In most cases, however, the video feeds simply show what's happening. So they have to be monitored by a security or operations team, which means there's always the risk they may miss something important. On top of that, organisations must pay for large amounts of video footage storage, even though most recordings are unlikely to be needed again.


Smart video analytics bring everything into focus

Intelligent video analytics solutions take video surveillance and monitoring to the next level. They rely on artificial intelligence (AI) and smart IoT-based Mobotix video cameras to process camera images and video immediately, enabling automated analysis, detection and alerting in real time that helps keep people, places and assets safer.

Our video analytics solutions take over the task of constant human monitoring, delivering greater consistency and involving people (through alerts) only when they detect anomalies, deficiencies, risks or dangers. We work with our customers to understand what they need to identify and detect, and what thresholds to measure against, and customise the built-in algorithm accordingly. Our video analytics solutions can help you:


Other interesting use cases for Security and Surveillance

Slip and Fall Detection - Enhance onsite safety with our advanced Slip & Fall detection technology, designed to respond to the critical need for timely intervention in the event of workplace accidents. By utilizing state-of-the-art surveillance, our solution swiftly identifies falls, minimizing the risk of serious injury and potential legal repercussions for organizations.

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Benefits of our video solutions

Consistent levels of monitoring at all times

Alerting to anomalies or other issues enabling rapid intervention

Easy-to-use dashboards support real-time action as well as historical analysis

Encrypted data transmission ensures data security

Regulated AI monitoring tools that don't put people's
privacy at risk

Why Konica Minolta for Video Solution Service – Making the invisible visible

Konica Minoltas intelligent video system can solve problems in all areas: Ensuring safety in a factory unit, registering vehicles to detecting movement, communicating with the network or triggering alarms if necessary. The solution also allows you to analyse the customer behaviour.

1. What are the characteristics of smart video cameras?

Smart video cameras, such as our IoT-enabled Mobotix range, combine visual, thermal, audio and sensor data to better protect your environment. Mobotix cameras are robust and durable (no moving parts), consume very little power, deliver exceptional image quality, and enable data analysis. With 360 hemispherical or 180 degree panoramic views, there are no blind spots, so a large area can be covered by fewer cameras.

2. How secure are Mobotix video cameras?

By maintaining software development and testing in our own secure facility in Germany, Konica Minolta leads the industry in cybersecurity for video surveillance ecosystems. Our hardware and software products are regularly tested by independent third-party digital security experts to assess and confirm their ability to protect against cyberattacks. In 2021, the leading German institute for penetration tests, SySS GmbH, recertified the Mobotix 7 intelligent video platform and Mobotix Mx6 security cameras, confirming their high standard of cybersecurity.

3. How can I use a video analytics solution to protect my workforce?

Depending on your industry, there are many ways a Konica Minolta video analytics solution can help with workplace health and safety, including:

  • Checking that workers are wearing the right PPE
  • Monitoring the distance between workers and machinery
  • Protecting lone workers
  • Detecting people in a dangerous situation, such as inside a pre-defined exclusion zone

In addition, our solutions can help you monitor social distancing; or separate individuals who may be ill from those who are healthy by monitoring coughs, sneezes and body temperature.

4. How do video analytics help me secure my premises?

You can use Konica Minolta video analytics solutions to secure your premises through


Thermal Imaging: Technology Explained

Our thermal solutions are the key to protecting assets and avoiding dangerous situations, by allowing you to see the unknown. With thermal images, threats can be detected early. See the invisible

Have a look at our infographic
MOBOTIX Infographic Security COVID-19

Würth Hungary: Body temperature measurement enabled by video solutions

The Würth Group is world market leader in its core business, the sale of assembly and fastening materials. In the core business, the Würth Line, the product range for craft and industry comprises over 125,000 products: From screws, screw accessories and anchors to tools, chemical-technical products and personal protection equipment. The product and service range includes everything that a small shop or a manufacturing company might need for their day-to-day repair and maintenance work.

Primus Foundation Schools Poland: Body temperature measurement enabled by video solutions

PRIMUS Private Primary School and Private Secondary School are two schools run by the PRIMUS Foundation, operating since 1992 and located in Warsaw, Poland. They offer education from kindergarten to high school.

Rohde & Schwarz: Comprehensive site security through intelligent video solutions

At Rohde & Schwarz in the Czech Republic, more than 870 employees work in 5 production halls with a total area of 40,500 square metres. The company manufactures a wide range of products that are at the top of fields of land, sea and air communications and radio monitoring. They also work on image and sound processing systems and tools for the field of measuring technology. The biggest challenge of Rohde & Schwarz was a comprehensive site security. Konica Minolta's Video Solutions Services with the intelligent Mobotix camera system are used in several areas at once

Video analytics: smart solutions that bring everything into focus

Video surveillance is a useful tool for monitoring workplace safety and security. Imagine if it could also alert you...

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