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If you work with customers, suppliers or partners in other parts of the world, you'll be familiar with the challenges of a multilingual environment. The time it takes to translate documents before you can get to work. The challenge of working with documents in many different source languages. And the sheer cost of getting translations done.

Translations at the touch of a button

Now it's quick and easy to get documents translated from almost any source language to almost any target language, whenever you want. No matter where you do business, language doesn't need to hold you back any more.

With Konica Minolta Workplace Pure, you have access to streamlined AI-powered machine translation services at any time, via a browser or from the panel of a bizhub multifunctional printer (MFP).

You simply indicate the source and target languages, upload your document, select the email address or online repository for translation delivery, then hit the Translate button. Within moments, you'll receive the translation project as an editable Word file that preserves the layout (including pagination, graphics, tables and images) of the source document.

Your benefits at a glance


Your translations are ready within just a few minutes, and can be edited as you see fit.

Cost savings

The cost per translated page is much lower than traditional human-based translation processes can provide.


The service is always on, so you can use it whenever you need to.

Global Omnium: Integrating document conversion and translation into workflows

Global Omnium is an international corporation with 39 subsidiaries operating in the water management sector. Konica Minolta’s Workplace Pure helps Global Omnium in their translation processes and to make their international tender participation processes secure and more efficient.

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global omnium success story

1. What is a translation service?

A translation service converts content from one language into another. The content may be in paper or digital.

2. How many types of translation services are there?

There are several types of translation service: professional human translators; machine translation (MT) services; and services that combine the two, by having professional translators post-edit machine translations.
The Konica Minolta Translate service allows you to create a machine translation of a document within seconds. The page layout remains intact during the translation process, including tables, paragraphs and images. Because text passages are converted to an editable format, you can interact with the translation directly and refine it in terms of language.

3. What is machine translation?

Machine translation (or automated translation) uses computer software to translate text from one language to another. MT may be:

  • Rules based — uses a combination of grammar and language rules and dictionaries
  • Statistical — learns how to translate by analysing large volumes of existing translations
  • Neural — learns how to translate using an artificial neural network

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