Colour measurement for Liquid food products and Beverages

For dyes, beverages, and juices whether opaque or transluscent

Colour Measurement for Liquid Foodstuffs and Beverages

Accurate and user-friendly quality control colour measurement solutions for beverages, dyes condiments, and other liquids in the food industry.

Liquid samples possess additional complexities when producing foodstuffs and beverages. The depth of the sample effects the colour that the observer sees and, when present, haze complicates the visual appearance.

Konica Minolta has experience of hundreds of applications across food dyes, beer, wine, juices, dairy products, and much more. Our experienced team can help you to establish a colour measurement system, including QC measurements, shelf-life testing, or change over temperature.

Digital colour data systems can be used for colour matching of food dyes and ingredients, improving the producer’s ability to meet customer or market demands or to produce consistent products across sites or territories.

Many of our systems are used within process control, supporting companies to better predict the appearance of the finished product and minimise waste by helping finished products achieve greater consistency of colour and appearance.

Konica Minolta benchtop spectrophotometers are widely used in the food industry for specification, production, and quality control of liquid foodstuffs and beverages. A benchtop spectrophotometer can be used to measure colour and haze at all stages of production, and the effects of each process on the eventual colour. Our benchtop systems can be integrated into other systems, such as a Mettler Toledo multiparameter system, using a flow cell or as a standalone unit with predefined colour standards or indices for pass/fail testing and data capture. Systems can be configured according to the needs of the process with varying levels of complexity.


  • Reduce waste
  • Improve quality perception
  • Simplify quality control
  • Generate actionable process control data
  • Measure quantifiable data for product parameters



CM-5 Benchtop Spectrophotometer

The CM-5 benchtop spectrophotometer is ideal for measurement of liquid or solid samples in reflectance and transmission. The CM-5 has both a transmittance chamber and top facing port for measurement of opaque liquid samples in petri dishes.

CR-5 Benchtop Colorimeter

The CR-5 benchtop spectrophotometer is used for measurement of samples in reflectance and transmission. The CR-5 has a transmittance chamber for transparent samples in cuvettes and top facing port for measurement of opaque liquid samples in petri dishes.

CR-400 Colorimeter

Tristimulus colorimeter with 8mm measurement aperture. Can be combined with accessories to provide traceable and repeatable L*a*b* reflectance colour data of opaque liquids in a petri dish cell.



Measurement of Condiments

Opaque condiments, such as ketchup, barbeque sauce, mayonnaise, can be measured using a petri dish set and either a portable instrument, such as the CR-400, or more commonly the CM-5 or CR-5.

Measurement of Beer / Cider, etc.

Operators can measure the colour and haziness of beverages for process and quality control. The CM-5 benchtop spectrophotometer can be operated using the built-in display or connected to a PC to provide improved reporting and statistical analysis. The CM-5 can also operate with a flow cell and can be integrated into Multiparameter analysis systems via our partnership with Mettler Toledo.

Measurement of Juice and Pulps

The transmittance chamber of the CM-5 can be used for the measurement of juices and pulps, selecting between 2mm,10mm or 20mm cell depth dependent on sample characteristics. Where samples are subject to settlement, they should be stirred prior to measurement or as required.

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