Admission & discharge

Automating paper-intensive processes

Why transform paper forms into smart files?

The process of admitting and discharging patients remains paper-intensive at many healthcare institutions. The drawbacks of such a system, however, include excessive use of paper and spiraling print costs, inadequate or out-of-date paper-based records, limited availability of records due to the fact that only one member of staff can work with them at any one time, and a wide range of security concerns associated with non-authorised individuals gaining access to patient records. Automating the admission and discharge process, therefore, brings numerous benefits with it.

Immediate benefits from automated solutions:

  • Fewer redundant or duplicated processes
  • Reduced risk of error
  • Less time spent on administrative processes
  • Save time using features such as admission and discharge kits
  • Documents automatically routed to relevant member(s) of staff
  • Resource management improvements and more efficiently organised discharge times
  • Guaranteed compliance with privacy regulations