Colour Measurement for Textured Building Materials

Measurement solutions for textured stone, wood, metal, or ceramic products

Colour and Appearance Measurement for Textured Building Materials

Consistent measurement data that corresponds to visual assessment of textured surfaces

Textured products present a different set of challenges for construction materials. Whilst not often associated with the same tolerances as automotive plastics and other consumer goods, the principles are the same. Working with supply partners to offer the colours that they specify within tolerance will mark the organisation as a trusted supplier.

Supplying commercial or private customers with a consistent product builds trust in the brand and projects a reputation for quality.

Even with natural materials like stone and wood, shade sorting can help an organisation offer a product with higher perceived quality.

Konica Minolta Measuring Instruments and software offer customers a solution for accurate colour control of everything from raw materials to completed products. Colour measurement allows organisations to implement data driven process control and quality control procedures that improve output consistency, and produce accurate colour to specification and within tolerances, saving time and waste.

Digital colour data can be used to expedite the supply process, greatly improving the producer's ability to react to the market, reducing the risks and costs associated with producing, distributing, and maintaining physical standards.

With a range of solutions including colour viewing cabinets, colorimeters, and spectrophotometers, Konica Minolta Measuring Instruments can help you to establish simple yet effective procedures aimed at improving the visual consistency and perceived quality of your products.

The measurement of textured building materials is typically undertaken by an instrument with a larger measurement aperture in order to average a larger area. This correlates more closely with the human observer and makes measurement processes more repeatable. A benchtop spectrophotometer using the large aperture view (25.4mm) or a CR-410 portable colorimeter with 50mm aperture can be used, dependent on your process requirements. 
Konica Minolta Measuring Instruments and the team of specialists offer the expertise from hundreds of installations within this field, supported by a network of authorised service facilities in order to offer swift repairs, and to maintain the accuracy and traceability of these instruments year-round.


  • Improve certainty of production process, minimising rework, and maximising final finish quality.
  • Reduce costs throughout the production process by measuring and optimising each step in the process.
  • Improve consistency, set realistic and achievable expectations by benchmarking your own and competitor finishes.



CM-36d Benchtop Spectrophotometer

A simplified reflectance only version of the CM-36dG benchtop spectrophotometer. Connected to  colour data software the operator can place samples either directly on top of or up against the measurement port dependent on configuration.

CR-410 Colorimeter

Traceable tristimulus colorimeter with 50mm measuring aperture, ideal for averaging a large area in a single measurement. The instrument is portable and can be connected to a PC or a data processor with printer for mobile labelling of samples.

CM-5 Benchtop Spectrophotometer

Benchtop spectrophotometer with built in display and firmware that allows operation independent of a PC and software. Standalone mode provides easier integration to goods in, process control or basic pass/fail QC operations.

SpectraMagic NX

Colour data software used for the operation of Konica Minolta devices and the storage, reporting and analysis of colour data.



Shade Sorting of Stone and Wood

True random is most often not the kind of random that customers want. A CR-410 and colour data software can be used to perform shade sorting of samples such as stone and wood to create consistent batches or to mix batches to deliver a random that is pleasing for the customer.

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