Colour Measurement for Leather Products

Measurement solutions for the dying and finishing of all leather products

Colour Measurement for Leather Products

Colour measurement, control, and communication for production of accurate and consistent leather products

Leather is perceived as a luxury product, used for all manner of applications from furnishings, to clothing and accessories. Due to its higher price point than alternative textiles, consumers will have a more critical eye on anything that does not match their expectation of greater perceived quality. Leather producers must be able to control the final colour and surface appearance of products, working against the individuality of each piece of leather.


Having the ability to offer a range of colours or customise a product to the customer specification or consumer trends is a powerful way to differentiate your products and offer an added value service.

Konica Minolta Measuring Instruments offer solutions for industrial colour measurement and control to the leather industry from raw materials, dyes, sealers, and finished product QC. Colour measurement allows organisations to implement data driven process control and quality control processes that improve output quality, consistency, and save time and waste. Whether for internal controls, colour communication with your supply chain, colour matching, or remaking from a database of colours, our software solutions are supported by an experienced team who can help you to accurately specify, produce, and communicate colour.

Colour measurement applied when visiting with customers, agreeing specifications with suppliers, in development laboratories, benchmarking industry competitors, or reporting for internal quality control programs, can build supply chain relationships based on quality, consistency, reducing subjectivity from specification, and approval.

A benchtop spectrophotometer will allow the user to measure the colour of dyes, dilutions, tests, and dyed leathers, to understand the impact of processes on the final colour and to perform colour QC. The CM-36dG has several innovative features that benefit leather producers, including a built-in sample viewer camera that allows the operator to accurately measure patterned samples or test strips that have been treated differently.


  • Reduce waste and rejects by integrating colour data, colour communication, and agreed tolerances.
  • Optimise dye processes.
  • Broaden product ranges.
  • Reduce subjectivity with supply partners.



CM-36dG Benchtop Spectrophotometer

Versatile benchtop instrument that can fulfil many functions for colour control of leathers, from measurement of dyes and dilutions in transmittance, to measurement of dyed samples and finished products. 

CM-26d Portable Spectrophotometer

A portable solution for colour measurement of leather samples and finished products. The system has an easy-to-use user interface and large colour display to simplify measurement processes and cut operator errors.

SpectraMagic NX2

SpectraMagic NX2 is a colour measurement software package that can be used to interface with Konica Minolta instruments. It provides extended reporting and analysis of colour and colour difference. The user has full control of customisation of templates and reports.

CM-700d Portable Spectrophotometer

A vertically orientated portable spectrophotometer that can be easily alligned onto small or curved samples to provide onscreen colour data or colour data directly into software for analysis and reporting.

CM-3700A Benchtop Spectrophotometer

Flagship benchtop spectrophotometer built without compromise for the best possible repeatability, inter instrument and inter model agreement. Suitable for measuring all manner of solid and liquid samples.



Measurement of Leather Accessories

Using a CM-36dG throughout development of a new range of leather handbags, the producer is able to specify a colour and tolerance to the supplier that provides lining textiles for the handbags. Colour data from development and prototyping allows the two companies to work collaboratively to produce a lining within an agreed tolerance and in control of quality defects such as metamerism.

Coloured leather swatches in a fan.

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