Colour, Light and Display Measurement for the Automotive Industry

Solutions for specification and QC throughout the value chain


Colour, Light and Display Measurement Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Konica Minolta, along with our group companies Radiant Vision Systems, Instrument Systems GmbH and EINES, and our partner Rhopoint Instruments, offer leading technology and turnkey solutions to the automotive industry. Our measurement solutions for R&D and Quality Control on the production line are supported by an extensive global sales and support network.

Scalable solutions are available to help organisations and their wider value chain to specify, communicate, produce, and control colour, surface appearance, lighting and display technology, common in modern vehicles. Our expertise and measurement technologies enable our customers to optimise processes, improve consistency, boost customer satisfaction, reduce waste, and much more.

Our experienced teams can help to implement measurement and control solutions for automotive interior and exterior throughout the production process.
  • Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality Control

In a showroom environment, the uniformity in appearance has a significant impact on perceived quality and, ultimately, on consumer decision making.

The wide range of materials to be measured, including plastics, paint, textile, leather, glass, and metals, requires selection of the correct solution in terms of measurement geometry and usability.

Konica Minolta has a global reach, with local sales and expertise to assist you in establishing a successful digital colour data system. Whether between supply chain partners, in development, in production or in QC, our teams can deliver a solution that meets your needs, and partner with you to scale that system as those requirements grow. Our experienced teams are able to assist you in installation, training, and customization of the solution to optimise your colour workflows.

Automotive manufacturers and their supply chains can benefit from complete solutions for the traceable measurement and control of all elements of automotive display technology and lighting. Our systems utilise measurement technology used in development and production of the consumer electronics industry's most advanced display technology, partnered with software customised specifically to the needs of the automotive industry.

Konica Minolta Measuring Instruments are supported by an extensive network of authorised service facilities to ensure that your instruments are maintained, accurate, and traceable all year round.


  • Reduce production time, costs, and waste: Cutting out circulation, storage, and maintenance of physical standards will create a considerable saving in costs, reduce time to market, and eliminate waste generated by misuse, damage, and wear of physical standards.
  • Colour precision in vehicle production throughout the entire process: Unparalleled inter-instrument agreement levels enable our instruments to be used for quality control throughout the supply chain, from component part manufacturers to finished products. 
  • Increase perceived value: Specify and control the colour and appearance of components throughtout the vehicle to control processes, and target improvements. Work together with supply partners to improve consistency and elevate the consumers perception of quality and value.

Example Applications

  • A reliable quality control program simplifies the approval process and prevents colour deviations on vehicle exteriors and interiors. Our solutions enable vehicle manufacturers to communicate, control, and assess colour on incoming parts from multiple suppliers and plants, ensuring that all components from dashboard to hood to bumper - are colour matched.
  • Systems for the development and improvement of HUD systems, infotainment and driver feedback. Fast and accurate measurement of photometric and colorimeteric data on display production lines, windscreen test rigs, and systems in-situ.
  • Paintline process control, from pressed part through to clearcoat. Measure surface characteristics at each stage of the process to specify, benchmark, and control. Measurement ensures the best outcomes for the final product, to deliver a finish that is both high quality and harmoneous across adjacent panels.

Solutions for Colour, Light and Display Measurement of Automotive parts

Colour and Appearance Measurement for Automotive Interiors

Ensure a visually appealing interior environment by controling the appearance of interior materials including plastics, cloth, leather, carpets, metal, etc.

Colour and Appearance Measurement for Paint and Body

Improve process control and perceived quality by testing and quantifying surfaces and coatings from sheet material through to final clear coat.

Colour Management and Communication Solutions

Improve the accuracy and consistency of colours in the supply chain by implementing traceable digital standards for product colour recipes. 

Vehicle Exterior Lighting Measurement

Specify and control the effectiveness of the external lighting, ensuring compliance with standards.

Vehicle Interior Lighting Measurement

Deliver a high quality interior environment in harmony with interior materials by controling the brightness, uniformity and colour of interior lighing assemblies.

Automotive Displays Measurement

Ensure the visibility, viewing angle, legibility, accuracy and uniformity of displays, dashboards, HUD and illuminated switches.

Fuel Cell Stack Inspection System

Fuel Cell Stack Vechile solution with a high-quality calibrated high-resolution camera and lenses for defect detection and inspection.