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Print infrastructure that supports people, processes and productivity

Efficient devices, effective management, controllable costs

Does your current printing and scanning infrastructure help or hinder your business? Can your people count on printers, scanners and copiers being reliable and ready to use every time? How easy is it to manage print costs and consumables? Are documents left lying in printer output trays, potentially exposing confidential or sensitive information to prying eyes? Does your IT team have to spend too much time fixing hardware problems? 

Working with a specialist managed print services (MPS) provider helps you do away with everyday issues and make printing and scanning an efficient and high-performance service that helps everyone to be more productive. Even if you're moving away from paper and towards more digital ways of working, a reliable MPS will provide the supporting foundation for digitalised processes and location-independent working. 

When you choose Konica Minolta, our consultants will work with you to analyse your needs and design the managed print solution that's right for you. As part of the analysis, our consultants can perform an environmental audit of your current printer fleet using our bizWORKPLACE tool that will reveal aspects like energy and consumables consumption. 

Based on our Optimized Print Services (OPS) portfolio of devices, software and services, maintenance expertise and workflow management, your comprehensive MPS solution will help make printing and scanning a secure, cost-effective and user-friendly service your organisation can count on. On top of that, we'll make sure it's continuously refined to keep pace as your business needs evolve.

Benefits of managed print services

Increase user productivity
with more reliable, efficient printing and scanning devices

Enhance information security
by requiring users to authenticate at the MFP to print their documents

Cut costs and waste
by reducing unwanted and unnecessary printing through authentication, rules-based printing, and insights that help to optimise printing habits

Reduce the burden on IT teams
with outsourced maintenance and remote support 

Streamline mobile and guest printing
without compromising security

Transition to more environmentally friendly
printers and printing processes 

Support digital transformation
with smart scanning devices that can integrate with digital document storage and other business process systems

Support cloud migration
with secure, flexible cloud print infrastructure that replaces onsite print servers

7 key areas that shape the smart office

What makes an office smart? What means smart working, and how does the MFP relate to it? We have defined 7 key areas, all shaping the way we are working today and tomorrow: Connectivity, Universal Design, Security, File sharing & collaboration, Document capture & Management, Panel customisation as well as Cloud & Mobile Printing. Sounds complicated? It's not, with our smart Office Solutions.


Answers to your questions


What are managed print services (MPS)?

A managed print service (MPS), like Optimized Print Services (OPS) from Konica Minolta, allows you to offload the maintenance and management of your printing and scanning infrastructure to a third-party provider. The provider may take over management of your existing devices (even a mixed fleet) or may partially or completely replace your devices.

MPS business benefits rated by respondents to industry analyst Quocirca's 'Managed Print Services, 2022' report as very important include improved service quality and reliability (44%), enhanced security (43%), and improved business process efficiency (40%). Further benefits include better cost control and reduced waste. Ideally, your MPS provider should also be able to advise you on process digitalisation and how MPS can support your objectives.

What does a managed print service do?

Your MPS should include features like: 

  • Continuous optimisation of your printing and scanning infrastructure to ensure it keeps pace with business needs 

  • Print management software for user authentication, usage monitoring, cost management and more 

  • Remote support for proactive device monitoring and remote fixing of issues wherever possible

What devices can be included in a managed print service?

Your MPS provider should offer a range of devices to suit the needs of your organisation and your users. At Konica Minolta, for example, we offer a range of devices that: 

  • Can print, scan, copy and even fax 

  • Produce black and white or colour output on a wide range of paper sizes 

  • Enable duplex (double-sided) printing 

  • Provide finishing options like stapling and booklet-making 

  • Are safe and easy for anyone to use 

  • Offer enhanced security features to safeguard your data 

  • Are designed for a reduced environmental impact

Our company has a 'cloud first' policy; can I also move my print infrastructure to the cloud?

With Cloud Print services from Konica Minolta, you can move your print infrastructure to the cloud and benefit from increased flexibility and improved mobile working. Managed by experts, our cloud-based solution eliminates on-prem print servers, reduces capex and opex, and lightens the load for your IT teams.  

In 'The Cloud Print Services Market Landscape, 2022' report, Quocirca reveals that 43% of organisations have implemented a cloud print management platform, and 37% plan to do so over the next two years. The report classifies Konica Minolta as a 'major player' in cloud print services, saying: “Konica Minolta’s cloud print services offer benefits such as: reduced maintenance requirements for server and software versions due to serverless operation and management of the software by the vendor, budget savings as no upfront investment is needed, simple and easy deployment that enables a quick start, flexible scalability that adapts to the customers' changing needs, and the ability to print from anywhere at any time.”

How can I enable mobile users, guests and visitors to print without putting my business at risk?

Printing from mobile devices has long been a challenge that's frustrated or hampered mobile workers. Now Konica Minolta offers a range of mobile printing solutions that make it possible to print from almost any phone or tablet to a bizhub multifunctional printer (MFP) or any other device or brand of printer. We also make it easy for you to allow guests and visitors to print from their mobile devices while keeping your business secure.

How can I make printing more sustainable?

You can take a number of approaches to make printing more sustainable, including: 

  • Choosing devices that are designed with a reduced environmental impact and low power consumption, and offer additional settings to further optimise energy use  

  • Having your vendor perform an environmental audit of your printer fleet for insights into energy and consumables consumption 

  • Engaging with an MPS provider that helps you make printing and copying as efficient and eco-friendly as possible; simplifies collection and recycling of consumables

  • Using print management software to reduce wasted print and so help you lower your use of paper and other consumables


Get reliable managed print services that are right for you

When you choose Konica Minolta as your MPS partner, you benefit from our years of experience in the printing and scanning space, combined with our commitment to ongoing technological innovation, information security, and sustainability.  

Industry analysts recognise the quality of our MPS solutions. Quocirca named us a market leader for managed print services and as a major player in cloud print services. Our bizhub i-Series won multiple Buyers Lab (BLI) awards from Keypoint Intelligence, for reliability, quality and usability in particular; and we won further BLI awards for our print and document management solutions. In addition, we're recognised as a leader in print security, while our MFPs have been shown to exceed industry standard for cybersecurity compliance.

Quocirca Managed Print Services Landscape 2023

Konica Minolta has been named a ‘Leader’ in Managed Print Services (MPS) by Quocirca for a third consecutive year in its Managed Print Services, 2023 report. The industry analyst has identified cost, security and sustainability as the top print management challenges, and highlights Konica Minolta’s key differentiators in these areas.

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Saving energy is more important than ever - both at home and in the office. That´s why we want to give you some useful tips on how you can save power and resources by modifying the way you print and use the Konica Minolta office devices. 

To use the energy potential of our devices, we recommend special power save settings, which are highly effective while guaranteeing remote management capability for the devices.  

And we also have additional tips to share on how to further optimise printing and reduce print-related waste. 

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HGO Portugal: Print monitoring allows to know all costs associated with print services in real time

Located on the south of Tejo River, Portugal, Garcia de Horta has been the most important hospital. In addition to all the technology that is integrated, Garcia de Horta also has other technologies that help in the daily management of the hospital. Facing the challenge to monitor the printing part, the technological platform implemented by Konica Minolta, now allows to know in real time all the costs associated with printing services.

NAVIGATOR Portugal: Standardisised print fleet with full cost visibility

The company Navigator is a reference in the production of pulp and paper spread over several countries. Facing a dispersion of the organisation led to a number of management challenges, particularly in the printing fleet. Looking for a technical solution to standardise the fleet and the printing services, Konica Minolta provided a unique solution for the printing fleet, where the company has now the full visibility of the costs related to printing and to the confidentiality of data.

SONAE Portugal: Central control and distribution of print services

Sonae is composed by a group of companies in the most diverse areas. The company faces new challenges regarding the search for new technological platform implementations. Having a large network of stores with local systems for the control and distribution of print services was proving inefficient, so Konica Minolta provided a centralised solution, where now Sonea’s information systems department is in charge for all the technological infrastructure of the Group’s retail area.

Schloss Elmau Germany: How the IT transformation helped to organise two G7 summits

The Hotel & Spa Schloss Elmau, located in the south of Germany in the Alps, has a total of 162 rooms and suites and is not only a place of relaxation, but also a place of encounters. With its managed IT services and the appropriate IT infrastructure, Konica Minolta helped to organise the two G7 summits in 2015 and 2022 at Schloss Elmau. Discover an impressive chapter of a successful collaboration.

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