Colour Measurement for the Chemical Industry

Colour measurement for chemical liquids, powders, pastes, pellets, and granules


Colour Measurement Solutions for the Chemical Industry

Konica Minolta measuring instruments offer easy-to-use, accurate, and traceable colour measurement solutions that assist chemical companies in process control and quality control applications whether it is for granules, powders, or liquids.

Scalable systems are available for both laboratory and production environments that will enable customers and the wider value chain to record actionable colour and colour difference data
  • Optimise processes
  • Analyse and track production
  • Take measurements at goods-in or with suppliers
Detecting any changes in colour early in the production process will minimalise waste, saving time and out of specification product by helping the producer react accordingly.

Our measuring instruments help to carry out reliable checks easily and quickly during production

Konica Minolta has a global reach, with local sales and expertise to assist you in establishing a successful digital colour data system. Whether between supply chain partners, in development, in production or in QC, our teams can deliver a solution that meets your needs, and partner with you to scale that system as those requirements grow. Our colour matching software is supported by a dedicated team experienced in installation, training, and customization of the solution to optimise your colour workflows.

Konica Minolta Measuring Instruments are supported by an extensive network of authorised service facilities to ensure that your instrument is maintained, accurate, and traceable all year round.


  • Process improvements: Our rapid and high-precision measurement instruments minimise costs and help to minimise production errors.
  • Universal solutions: Our instruments can be used for almost any kind of samples in solid, granule, paste, or liquid form. Operate your measurement instrument with a small, medium or large measurement aperture with a choice of many different sized petri-dishes. Transparent samples are measured in a large, accessible transmittance chamber with a choice of cuvette depth to suit your sample.

Example Applications

  • Chemical products such as powders, pellets, granules, pastes, and liquids require different measurement methodology. Our expert teams can help you to select an instrument and accessories to make sure you’ll be able to measure the colour as well as other industry specific metrics in reflection or transmission, such as e.g. APHA, correlated Haze, Gardner Scale, yellowness, and whiteness.
  • The spectrophotometer CM-5 can fulfil a vast range of colour measurement roles in the laboratory, measuring colour samples either in reflectance or transmittance. Data can be viewed on the built-in display using the most commonly used colour scales and indices or connected to colour data software for local or cloud databases.

Solutions for the Colour Measurement of Chemicals

Colour Measurement for Chemical Powders, Granules and Pastes

Konica Minolta Measuring Instruments can be used to repeatably measure colour of all manner of compounds throughout processing.

Colour Measurement for Liquid Chemicals

Analyse the colour of liquid chemical products of all levels of opacity to produce repeatable and traceable spectral data for analysis or customer specification.