When details matter


The smallest pixel size ever available on portable FPDs

Areas of interest are not always immediately visible on x-rays – but patients always count on the best available specialised care. That’s when the details really matter. When microstructures in the bone need to be displayed, for example. The sooner you can make the correct diagnosis, the sooner the patient can start to be treated.At Konica Minolta, we are proud to be able to offer such products. We recently introduced our latest digital X-ray detector with 100 µm pixel size, AeroDR HD, a device that provides such high resolution that you can zoom in without losing sharpness.

When details matter, you can rely on Konica Minolta.


At Konica Minolta, we continuously strive to innovate our products and services to improve healthcare. We not only focus on the patient, but also on the specialists – as well as prioritising the need to help you simplify your workflows and daily clinical routine.

Thanks to its High Sensitivity TFT (Thin Film Transistor) detector, AeroDR HD is Konica Minolta’s latest technical advance. The solution comes with a thicker CsI scintillator, a high-sensitivity photo diode on the TFT panel, and a new ROIC (Read out IC) feature, which reduces levels of electrical noise by 50% or more, letting you optimise your detection values.

With Detector Quantum Efficiency (DQE), image quality improves enormously, while simultaneously using lower doses of radiation processing large image data quickly, thanks to short cycle times. This high image quality is provided by the CsI scintillator – an improvement of over 20 percent on the AeroDR Premium panel. With pixel size of just 100 μm and four times the pixel count of standard resolution detectors, AeroDR can enlarge microstructures. This feature is crucial for precise diagnostics.

The AeroDR HD is also waterproof and extremely light – weighing just 2.6 kg – with load resistance of over 400 kg and 130 kg of bending resistance. The AeroDR HD can also be recharged within just 30 minutes, moreover, thanks to its lithium-ion battery. Updated AeroSync technology now allows a wider range of imaging, including lumbar spine, MSK and veterinary.



Better visibility of bon

Better visibility of bone trabecular


Displays microstructure

Media handling feature icon

Edge of bone is clearer

Speed feature icon

Fast, reliable workflow

Low radiation

Higher DQE with lower doses of radiation

Technology feature icon

Lightweight, robust structure

Manage all your campaigns in one portal

No “pixel shape” when zooming in

Pixel size of only 100 μ

Pixel size of only 100 μm

Usability feature icon

Updated AeroSync for longer automatic exposure detection

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Konica Minolta’s latest digital X-ray and ultrasound solutions help you increase the efficiency of your daily clinical routine and make first-class diagnoses. If you think your organisation might benefit from using our solutions, contact our Healthcare Division today for more information.

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