Colour and Gloss Measurement for Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products

Colour, haze, consistency, and quality control for pills, liquid medicines, cosmetic powders, shampoos, soap bars, etc.


Colour and Gloss measurement for Pharmaceutical & Personal Care products

Konica Minolta offers traceable and trusted measurement technology for the pharmaceutical industry, including ergonomic portable spectrophotometers, versatile benchtop spectrophotometers, and a range of controlled colour viewing systems.

Scalable solutions are available to help organisations and their wider value chain to specify, communicate, produce, and control colour, enabling them to improve productivity and the perceived value of their products.
  • Optimise processes
  • Improve consistency
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Reduce waste
Colour measurement is widely used in the pharmaceutical and personal care industry where it performs a range of functions from the product design process and manufacturing, to efficacy testing.

In the pharmaceutical industry, consistent product gives customers peace of mind that their medicine is the same from one batch to the next.
Studies have demonstrated the role that colour can play in the placebo effect.

For personal care products, familiarity, brand loyalty, and perceived quality / effectiveness are all tied to colour. The physical characteristics of personal care products such as colour, clarity, smell, and texture are a part of the user experience and should be designed and controlled as such.

Konica Minolta has a global reach, with local sales and expertise to assist you in establishing a successful digital colour data system. Whether between supply chain partners, in development, in production or in QC, our teams can deliver a solution that meets your needs, and partner with you to scale that system as those requirements grow. Our colour matching software is supported by a dedicated team experienced in installation, training, and customization of the solution to optimise your colour workflows.

Our products are supported by an extensive network of authorised service facilities to ensure that your instrument is maintained, accurate and traceable all year round.


  • Produce consistent quality: Batch to batch consistency improves customer and end user satisfaction and perception of quality, reducing returns and waste.
  • Colour is a sales tool: Colour measurement offers new possibilities for range extension and control of the customer experience. For personal care products, colour can help a product to appeal to new customers.
  • Colour is a service: For contract manufacturers, the ability to offer customers colour data from a quality control system and the resulting consistency marks you as a reliable partner who offers an added value service.
  • Colour measurement as a process tool: applying colour measurement in development, understanding the impact of control of raw materials, mixing, heating, pressing, etc. provides improved control over end product which results in improving consistency, reducing waste, and improves the organisation’s ability to react to market changes.

Example Applications

  • Reducing resistance to medicines for children by improving visual characteristics, improving experience.
  • A benchtop spectrophotometer can deliver analysis and quality control data to meet company and industry standards.
  • Tighter tolerances in product colour of pharmaceutical products reducing waste, end user enquiries, improving confidence, and aiding in the fight against counterfeit products.
  • Consumer preference testing of the colour of new products to maximise shelf appeal.
  • Testing of efficacy of products for washing skin and hair, and of the colour and effect of hair dyes and cosmetic products.
  • Formulating products that fit within brand colours and existing ranges or establishing manufacturing in new territories.

Solutions for the Colour Measurement of Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products

Colour Measurement for Liquid Products

Ensure a high quality of product colour and consistency for liquid products such as medicines, perfumes, dyes, shampoos, soaps, etc., as it plays a significant role in customer experience. 

Colour Measurement for Powder Products

Control batch consistency for powdered products, such as cosmetic powders and components, to provide a high perceived product quality that matches customers' expectations.

Colour Measurement for Hair and Skin

Measure accurately the colour of hair for dyes and shampoo effects, and skin to verify the effect of care products. Colour and colour difference data are commonly used in development, product testing and clinical trials.

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