Digital mobile x-ray

Digital Mobile X-Ray – the care you need, whenever and wherever you need it

Offering your patients more rounded care

More and more hospitals and clinics nowadays are looking into ways to provide the best, most rounded healthcare for their patients. Mobility is a highly effective way of improving those services, particularly when patients are unable to travel or physically move (often being confined to bed), and the care needs to be provided offsite, at their home. Konica Minolta’s Mobile Digital X-ray solution is the perfect technology to use in such cases: simple to use, it can be set up and repositioned as necessary at a temporary care location. Konica Minolta digital radiology solutions offer 100% wireless options, and the technology provides complete flexibility thanks to its use of detectors, workflow and X-ray components. As well as portable detectors, we offer portable ultrasound systems, the perfect tool for point-of-care use, whenever and wherever you need it.

The AeroDR X30 is a fully integrated Mobile Digital X-ray system that combines a range of excellent mechanical and digital components designed to help you perform examinations of patients more efficiently.

Digital mobile x-ray

Digital mobile x-ray

The wireless system you control with just one hand

The AeroDR X30 is a fully integrated Mobile Digital X-ray system that combines excellent mechanical and digital components to help you carry out exams more efficiently. The AeroDR X30 system is perfectly suited both to bedside examinations and hectic emergency rooms. The system is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about water, bodily fluids or other liquids damaging it, and it is both robust and lightweight. It can also be quickly charged on the go (both when stored on the mobile cart and when in use), and images are ready immediately after acquisition via wireless communication with the hospital network (RIS/PACS). What makes this system really special, however, is the fact that it is fully motorised, and extremely easy to operate and manoeuvre into the required position. The AeroDR X30 can be controlled with just one hand, reaching a speed of up to 5 km per hour. Sensors on its front bumpers help detect when there is an obstacle ahead – which means no more bumping into things. For example, the CS-7 Image Acquisition Software, displayed on a 17” Touch Screen, not only provides excellent images, but also controls the generator by sending predefined exposure parameters for each examination.

Multifunctional console CS-7 with intuitive user interface

Our CS-7 workstation doesn't just control the AeroDR system; it also controls the generator, the collimator and other Konica Minolta CR readers currently available, and makes it unnecessary to use the X-ray console to adjust exposure conditions. When the subconsole is installed in the X-ray room, the acquired image can immediately be confirmed. “Intelligent Grid” is a sophisticated image processing technology developed by Konica Minolta to improve X-ray image quality. Intelligent Grid improves contrast in the image which is often affected by scattered radiation due to improper alignment of hardware grid. With Konica Minolta’s REALISM image processing system, bone and soft tissue image data offer outstanding visibility, and fine microstructures are sharper, enhancing visibility of subtle details.

Technology of the future – the rechargeable energy storage system

The unique lithium-ion-capacitor technology used in AeroDR detectors allows mobile radiology systems to charge without losing any performance capacity or having to replace the battery.

Digital mobile x-ray

Digital mobile x-ray

The AeroDR X30 solution offers the following benefits:

Easy positioning

100% wireless

Full integration

Agile- fast- precise

automatically charged

Powerful and robust

Smart and space saving

Konica Minolta offers a wide variety of healthcare solutions, ranging from digital and computed radiography, ultrasound, laser imager and analogue products right through to veterinary solutions for radiography professionals.

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