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Konica Minolta Workplace Care keeps your business productive at all times

When someone goes to print or scan a document, they don’t want to be faced with a device they can’t use. Whether the toner has run out or a fault has developed, the result is the same: device downtime that leads to lost productivity and user frustration.

We can use our remote services and support capabilities to guide a user or member of your IT team through the resolution process on the spot. And if it turns out that a field engineer’s visit is needed at our customer's site, we can gather information about the issue in advance to make the visit as efficient as possible, and get you back up and running as quickly as we can.

Benefits of remote services and support

Maximised uptime and productivity

We collect data that enable us to analyse and solve device issues quickly (often within minutes) — so you don’t have to wait for an engineer to come on-site. Increased device uptime helps your people get more done and reduces user frustration.

More effective on-site visit

Some problems may still require a site visit by one of our engineers — for example, if a part needs replacing. Konica Minolta Workplace Care helps to make those visits as efficient and effective as possible, by providing our engineers with comprehensive, accurate data about the problem in advance.

Reduced workload for your IT team

We release your IT team from routine MFP-related activities like configuration management, ordering consumables and applying security updates. So they can focus on workplace development and innovation rather than time-consuming everyday tasks.

Devices that are always up to date

Through remote services and support software we can update your MFPs with latest firmware and security features. So you can be confident your devices are always optimised for functionality and security.

Increased sustainability

By supporting you remotely, we can significantly reduce the number of on-site service visits — cutting down on travel and lowering CO2 emissions. This helps to achieve a healthier and more sustainable environment, and contributes to sustainability goals.

Real-time assistance with real-time access

With a wealth of tools and software to hand, we have the right capabilities to solve a wide range of technical issues in real-time, with real-time remote access:

  • Remote deployment
  • Maintenance
  • Monitoring and health check
  • Security management
  • Remote backup and restore
  • Reporting and notifications
  • Administration
  • Support and guidance
  • Remote access to education resources


1. How do you ensure secure connection to my system?

Our tools enable secure remote access to your system, so you can be confident that all your data and all communications between us stay safe and secure. End-to-end encryption protects all the data processed within our remote services and support portfolio, whilst all data is processed in line with GDPR requirements. What's more, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe has obtained ISO 27001 certification for its Information Security Management System (ISMS). This standard verifies that we meet the highest level of information security within our organisation.

2. Is my data protected?

We back up critical MFP data so that it can be quickly restored in the event of an issue or outage, e.g. through system configuration backup, periodic system configuration restore and data backup.

3. Are you using Remote Visual Support?

Yes. When we need to see what you’re seeing from the outside, we use AIRe Link — our browser-based remote support solution. We send an invitation by email or SMS for you to join an AIRe Link session on your smartphone or tablet. You simply click on the link to allow us to use your smart device’s camera to set up a virtual workspace and see what you’re seeing. We can then guide you through issue resolution, helping you get your MFP back up and running as quickly as possible, and avoiding the need to send an engineer.

The support you want, the confidence you expect: Our award-winning approach

Konica Minolta was awarded the BLI PaceSetter Award for Serviceability and Support 2020–2021 in Western Europe by Keypoint Intelligence – the second time after 2018 we’ve won this award. It recognises our innovative tools, programs and training that empower our customers to maintain their products and services efficiently and to a high standard, using techniques such as online training and support through remote tools.

What's more, Keypoint Intelligence recognised Konica Minolta's remote visual support tool AIRe Link as an ‘Outstanding Remote Support Tool’ in its BLI Pick and Outstanding Innovation Awards, 2022.



You can even get AIRe Link to improve your own customer support.

Find out more or try AIRe Link for free at

Remote by default: Fixing issues quickly and securely

When someone goes to print or scan a document, they don’t want to be
faced with a device they can’t use. Whether the toner has run out or a fault
has developed, the result is the same: device downtime that leads to lost
productivity and user frustration.

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