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AIRe Link instant visual remote assistant

AIRe Link enables you to see what your customer sees, so you can support your customers remotely and fix faults quickly. With AIRe Link’s no-app, browser-based solution, you can serve any of your customers worldwide, instantly. By improving first-time fix, your organization will gain new levels of productivity and profit in customer support and field service, whilst increasing your customer value by avoiding on-site visits. Service organizations are constantly pushed by their business organizations to reduce cost and increase efficiency, whilst ensuring the customer is kept happy.

At the same time, there are three major macrotrends that are influencing the way of manufacturing and service will be done in the future. First, manufacturing jobs are quickly outpacing the supply of qualified candidates; secondly, more machines are being deployed in remote locations and third, the growing complexity of new technologies. The key KPIs for service teams among the high customer satisfaction are on-site visit avoidance and first-time fix. The recent COVID-19 pandemic also demonstrated the enhanced need of remote work and remote support. Simply said, the service teams need to do more work with less resources.


How does it work?

What seems to be an impossible task, can be solved using innovative tools supporting service teams in the right way. While most service teams already use traditional Remote Support tools, including Remote Desktop, a new type of solution – Instant Remote Visual Support – emerged recently.


The technology behind Konica Minolta’s solution for Instant Remote Visual Support – AIRe Link – is using the camera on a smartphone, tablet or external camera to stream the video showing the end-user scene to a remote service engineer, complemented by audio communications. Advanced tools for visual navigation, e.g. live pointer in the video or graphical annotation within a snapshot, are used to guide the end-user visually through the process.


The usage of WebRTC protocol enables to run the Instant Remote Visual Support session in the browser for most modern smartphones, so the end-user does note need to install any application or create a user account. He/she only needs to click on the invitation link, typically shared via an SMS. Literarily any person in the world can be supported instantly through this innovative Remote Visual Support solution.


Issue reporting

Customer reports an issue to the machine vendor through established communication channels, typically by phone call or ticketing system. Technical support then offers to run an AIRe Link audio-visual session to investigate the issue remotely.

Establishing connection

Technical support sends the invitation to the audio-visual session to the customer via sms or e-mail. Customer then joins the session by clicking the link on a smartphone or tablet and approving access to camera and microphone. No application is needed, just a compatible web browser.

Problem solving

Technical support can see what the customer sees and is able to navigate them through problem identification and resolution. The session can include audio, visuals, live pointer, snapshot annotations and even document sharing for clear and efficient communication.

Closing and data collection

If the problem can be fixed remotely then session is closed, and information may optionally be stored. This information may be used to build and share knowledge and experience. If a remote diagnosis concludes that site visit is essential, then the information acquired helps the technician be prepared to achieve the fix first-time.

Who can benefit from using AIRe Link?

AIRe Link helped solve 60%¹ of end-user issues remotely.

Service technicians have confirmed numerous times they like the application, especially due to its ease of use.

End users are open to use AIRe Link and are impressed with the innovative solution to help solve their problems.

¹ Customer feedback summary from 2,000 AIRe Link sessions.


Call centre / Technical support

See what your customers see
Do you have difficulties to understand the problem description or to guide customers by audio only? AIRe Link will show you exactly what the customers see, leading to improved communication and faster problem resolution.

Field service engineer

Minimize unnecessary on-site visits
Do you travel to your customer site to fix trivial issues or to learn you do not have the tools and spare parts required to fix the issue? With AIRe Link, you can remotely see the customer issue, and clearly guide them to a first-time fix, or obtain on site ready to fix information.


Head of service

Decrease cost and increase satisfaction
Do you have a growing number of machines on remote locations, lack of resources and stretched budget for customer support? AIRe Link will enable your team to improve the rate of first-time fixes remotely, whilst ensuring you meet customer expectations and exceed service level agreements.


Junior service technician

Gain confidence and know-how
Are you beginning your service career or servicing a new device? If so, you may get stuck during your field service tasks. AIRe Link will enable you to get instant visual and audio guidance from a senior support engineer, no matter how far you are from headquarters. As a result, you will be able to fix issues faster through hands-on experience and shorter training cycles, whilst building confidence in your abilities.

Machine operator

Eliminate stress and increase production
Do you have a problem with the machine, which requires consultancy or service action from the vendor? Use AIRe Link to resolve the issue remotely or to share all the details with the service technician before their visit, so you get the production up and running, faster.

AIRe Link

AIRe Link

AIRe Link Features

AIRe Link is a cloud solution, with no-app installation for the service team or on the end-user side. To run an AIRe Link session, both parties need to be connected to the internet and use modern browsers on their devices. While the end user is in most cases already holding smartphone in their hand when calling for assistance, the visual support session can be established within few seconds.



Save Money Icon

No initial investment. Running on a smartphone.

Usability feature icon

One click to start the remote assistance session.

Core Business Icon

No app needed. Just a WebRTC compatible browser.

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Stable and secure. Scalable to handle any load.

Technical requirements



Gear Wheels Icon

Assistant and client must be connected to the internet.

Gear Wheels Icon

Connection over mobile network (3G, 4G, LTE) is possible.

Gear Wheels Icon

Average data consumption 20MB/minute.

Gear Wheels Icon

Average bandwidth for 1280 x 720 video is 300KB/s.

Gear Wheels Icon

Automated quality adjustment based on internet connectivity.



"AIRe Link just saved me this little journey!"

Feedback from Kevin Archer, Regional Technical Specialist, Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd.

Your campany can save CO2 emissions with AireLink

AIRe Link Tools

Realtime drawing

Session recording


Live pointer

Desktop sharing



Customer references

Customer references

"AIRe Link helped me to solve a real issue with an office printer by guiding the customer’s administrator. The audio and video quality was very good."

Iván Barquero Majuelos

Technical Support, Konica Minolta Spain


"Our experience with AIRe Link is very positive. We are going to use it in our service and ITS departments."

Rytis Grigaravicius

IT manager, Konica Minolta Baltics


"AIRe Link solution is easy to use and provides excellent quality of video and audio. It helps us to solve issues remotely."

David Burian

Head of Service, Bruker


"Thanks to AIRe Link, we are providing fast and high-quality remote service of our high-tech vertical packaging machines to our customers worldwide."

Tomáš Valla

Service Manager, VELTEKO s.r.o.


"AIRe Link enabled me to guide remotely our field engineer to fix cyan image issue on the customer’s production printer."

Kevin Archer

Technical Product Specialist, Konica Minolta Business Solutions UK Ltd


"AIRe Link is easy to use, user friendly and powerful."

Giovanni Fiorino

Data Analyst, Konica Minolta B.S. Italia Spa


"AIRe Link supported me a lot when checking some defects during kitting procedure.”

Andreas Feldkaemper

Services Manager, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH

Success story

Improving customer experience and service effectiveness

Improving customer experience and service effectiveness

Bruker Corporation is a global company supplying high-performance scientific instruments and high-value analytical and diagnostic solutions for molecular and materials research, as well as for industrial and applied analysis. The company also has a team of service professionals located in Brno, Czech Republic. From there, it supports many customers in Eastern Europe who have Daltonik instrument devices in use. Travel restrictions introduced in spring 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic forced the team to seek new and remote ways to solve their customers’ issues. The team in Brno decided to test AIRe Link, an innovative remote visual support tool from Konica Minolta. Positive results with service cost savings in thousands of euros and an improved customer experience quickly convinced Bruker to incorporate AIRe Link into their standard service and support processes.

COVID-19 pandemic curtailed Bruker’s service travels in Europe

Being one of the world-leading analytical instrumentation companies, Bruker’s high performance scientific instruments and high-value analytical and diagnostic solutions enable scientists to explore life and materials at molecular, cellular, and microscopic levels. Today, worldwide, more than 6,000 employees are working at over 90 locations on all continents.

At its site in Brno, a team of service professionals looks after customers in Eastern Europe – including Croatia and Ukraine – who have Bruker Daltonik instruments in use. When the Corona pandemic broke out in Europe in spring 2020 and numerous governments imposed travel restrictions, cross-border travel to customers outside the Czech Republic was often no longer possible.

But thanks to an open company culture that always encourages testing and validating new approaches to improve the quality of service and support, the company had decided to test Konica Minolta’s new remote visual support tool in a pilot phase. AIRe Link enables companies to solve problems remotely and helps them to avoid traveling.

Seeing through the eyes of the customer

The company, therefore, decided to solve the problem at the Croatian customer site using AIRe Link. The customer had a problem loading the target into an instrument. “The onsite visit would have required a car journey of about 1,250km. So we decided to use AIRe Link first to try to identify and solve the issue remotely,“ says David Burian, Head of Service, Bruker s.r.o.

As a cloud solution, AIRe Link enables a technical specialist to see what the customer sees using the camera from the customer’s smartphone or tablet. The technical specialist can also use features including a live pointer or real-time drawing over a snapshot of the customers’ environment. They can also provide visual navigation during issue analysis when guiding the customer through the correction procedure.

“As a result of our team in Brno being able to observe what was going on inside the instrument via the mobile phone camera, the problem was solved quickly,“ confirms David Burian. “The customer was in the warranty period, and thanks to AIRe Link, we were able to fulfill our warranty obligations without sending the service engineer on site. This fix saved us approximately 15 hours drive and 880 euros. Also, at that time of travel restrictions, AIRe Link was the only way to get the instrument back in service for our customers in the restricted countries”.

Cost savings on both sides

David continues: “The AIRe Link solution is easy to use and offers excellent video and audio quality. AIRe Link works on any smartphone connected to the internet, so there is no cost to the customer when using this new technology.” Instead of installing an app or creating an account, the customer only has to click on an invitation link received via SMS, and a session opens in the browser of their smartphone or tablet.

Because of its benefits, Bruker decided to integrate AIRe Link into its standard service and support processes. “Very often, we can identify or even fix the problem remotely. The customer gets a faster solution to the problem, which increases customer satisfaction because they do not have to wait for a service technician. At the same time, we save travel costs and carbon emissions,” David Burian explains.

quotation marks

“In case of an issue with our Bruker Daltonik device, AIRe Link allows us to see immediately what the customer sees. We can often identify or even fix the customer problem remotely using AIRe Link, which avoids traveling on-site. The customer gets the solution faster, and we save travel costs and carbon emissions. It also significantly improves customer satisfaction and ensures the well-being of service staff.”

David Burian

Head of Service, Bruker s.r.o., Czech Republic


  • Risk-free and cost-free pilot
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Secured communication
  • Ability to support customers with a smartphone and the internet without the need to install an app
  • High customer satisfaction due to quick problem solving


  • High cost and inefficiency of service travels
  • Many services travels limited due to COVID-19 travel restrictions
  • Customers asked more frequently for remote support


  • Cloud-based remote visual support tool AIRe Link

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