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Finding the needle in the digital haystack

Did you spend an eternity today – again – searching for files or information in different locations at your company? Were you forced to regenerate a file because the old one was nowhere to be found in the storage jungle? Or maybe you didn’t have info to hand quickly enough in a customer meeting, potentially costing you the deal? Konica Minolta manages to combine the convenience and simplicity of consumer search engines with all the power, control and security of an enterprise solution.

Today’s businesses are awash with data – with a potentially limitless supply of information and insight always seemingly within reach. Yet as the volume of data grows, the challenge of locating what you need when you need it – particularly across multiple applications and discrete data silos – is only increasing. Those unexciting searches for specific documents can rapidly become a time-consuming, expensive business, and have a negative impact on companies’ competitiveness. 


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Increase your productivity with fast, one-click retrieval of searched content

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“In our private lives smart devices allow us to quickly search for any type of information. When we come back to the office, this type of intuitive search is often not available and finding information proves challenging.”

With Konica Minolta’s smart Enterprise Search solution, endless searches are a thing of the past. It empowers you to find relevant information within seconds without switching applications or needing to conduct arduous searches across multiple systems. The system – essentially, your organisation’s internal search engine – localises, indexes and extracts every single file in use at your company.

No matter where the information you’re searching is located – in e-mail attachments, scanned documents, on SharePoint websites, on your company intranet, in the cloud or across a number of different departments – this think-outside-the-box solution finds, then retrieves, every possible kind of data, in any format, from any index. 

And the latest version of dokoniFIND combines the established enterprise search features while also offering tools for reviewing retrieved documents and working on them by adding notes and annotations, bundling documents using the tagging feature, building chronologies, and exporting work products to Excel or Word. In this way, dokoniFIND moves beyond a simple search tool and becomes an Insight Engine that empowers organisations with knowledge discovery across both structured and unstructured data sources.

Enterprise Search is perfectly suited to a wide range of industries, relevant to any company and sufficiently flexible for any team to use. The system supports your existing quality management structures and work processes – without forcing you to make excessive changes – saving you time when you’re searching and finding key documents.


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Benefits of Enterprise Search


Konica Minolta’s intelligent enterprise search solution gives you fast, easy access to all the data at your company – whenever you want, wherever you are. The smart, web-based search engine is also much more than just a solution for carrying out searches of metadata or file names: thanks to Optical Character Recognition (OCR), text and every possible type of content are converted precisely, then indexed – ensuring they are available for future searches. 


Quick return on investment with low acquisition costs and even lower usage costs.

Go beyond search as it combines established enterprise search features with smart tools that let individuals review found documents and work on them.

No migration of data required – so all data remains in its storage location

Integrated security mechanisms ensure only users with appropriate permission level are able to search and access data.

No end-user training required, as dokoniFIND replicates the way people search naturally on the internet.​

Boosts employee productivity: Less time required to find information, more time left for the core tasks.

Gain control over your structured and unstructured data and use it to the full.

Reduces the need for duplication/re-creation of work: Easily find already existing content

Supports better-informed, faster decisions: Single point of access across whole customer network
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Finding the needle in the digital haystack

Today’s businesses are awash with data – with a potentially limitless supply of information and insight always seemingly within reach. Yet as the volume of data grows, the challenge of locating what you need when you need it – particularly across multiple applications and discrete data silos – is only increasing. Only 24% of companies feel they provide their users with basic search functionalities, with 44% admitting these are poor or not available.

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