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The top 4 features to be excited about in the new version of Microsoft Teams

On 12th April 2024, Microsoft retired Microsoft Teams (classic), the legacy Teams app for business as part of its...


Top 3 tips to unleash the power of smart printing solutions

One of the major challenges that small business owners often face is maintaining and improving productivity. In this...


How SMBs can prevent the security vulnerabilities associated with their printed documents

A recent study by Quocirca has revealed serious gaps in the security of printed documents at small and medium-sized...


The 5 typical challenges when using Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 has the potential to deliver huge benefits, but some organisations struggle to get the most out of the...


The 5 biggest challenges when introducing Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 has the potential to deliver huge benefits but some organisations haven't yet implemented it...

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The ALPEN method: organise working time better

You can plan your day efficiently with the ALPEN method. Buffer time helps you achieve more and celebrate successes.

New work

Remote work: an integral part of the ‘new normal’ for business

How can organisations use pandemic-related learnings to optimise remote work strategies for the future?

New work

Five ways to clean up your data ‘junk' and save energy

Digital Cleanup Day 2024 takes place on 16th March 2024 and encourages people and organisations to reexamine their...

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