Measurement Solutions for Automotive Interior Lighting

Accurate and Traceable Solutions for the Specification and Testing of Interior Lighting Assemblies

Measure Automotive Interior Lighting

Control of functional and decorative lighting of automobile interior

The interior of a modern automobile is a core component in customer experience and perceived value. Now more than ever it is also an expression of the brand, its character and, therefore, by extension its owner. Modern lighting technologies give the manufacturer a myriad of options for both functional and effect lighting. Each element must be specified and controlled, and for each additional option or level of user customisation, the challenges of specification, measurement, and control for undesired interactions increase.
Konica Minolta Measuring Instruments and group company Radiant Vision Systems produce a range of solutions for measuring lighting and lighting assemblies in development or production environments to ensure that the lighting contributes to delivering a high quality interior environment in harmony with interior materials. Solutions will ensure control of brightness, uniformity and colour of interior lighting assemblies including reading lights, footwell lighting, accent lighting and more.
Traceable and trusted solutions for digital luminance data can greatly expedite the process of development, production, and QC testing. Our expert teams can help to implement a system that allows all parties, from equipment manufacturer through to QC, to work in a more streamlined and consistent way.

Experience shows that a data driven approach allows supply chains to build relationships based on quality and consistency, reducing subjectivity, and simplifying specification and approval.

Offering customers a global network of sales, support and expertise, Konica Minolta can deliver tested solutions to customers in the automotive industry. Our network of authorised service facilities provide ongoing maintenance and calibration of devices to minimise downtime and ensure that systems remain traceable throughout their working life.

A measurement solution from the Konica Minolta Group can ensure that you deliver a high quality interior environment in harmony with interior materials by controlling the brightness, uniformity, and colour of interior lighting assemblies including reading lights, footwell lighting, accent lighting, and more.


  • Eliminate subjectivity in specification and QC with accurate and traceable data.
  • Traceable safety data by measuring store and analysing luminance data points for maximum luminance, angle, etc.
  • Harmonise interior when measuring under determined light sources to specify custom illuminants for colour measurement of interior components such as plastics, carpets, etc. to detect inconstant colours early.



CS-3000 Spectroradiometer

Spectroradiometer for luminance and chromaticity measurement of optical devices like organic ELs and FEDs, as well as light sources such as LEDs and lamps. Successor to the CS-2000 and CS-2000A.

CL-500A Illuminance Spectrophotometer

Portable spectral illuminance meter for spot illuminance and chromaticity measurement of lighting, for example in footwell and boot.

CS-150 Luminance Colour Meter

Colorimeter for light sources and irradiated objects, display lights and signal lights. The portable tristimulus colorimeter for light sourfces and irradiated objects is commonly used to measure display lights, signal lights, and to make non-contact surgace colour measurements.

CS-200 Luminance Colour Meter

Spectrally based colorimeter for luminance measurement, including chromaticity and colour temperature. The CS-200 Chroma Meter measures luminance and chromaticity of light emitting products as diverse as large plasma displays, compact LCDs and LEDs, outdoor screens, high pressure lamps, and instrument panels.

Radiant Vision Systems Prometric® Y-Series

Radiant ProMetric® Y is a series of performance imaging photometers designed for high-volume production testing of displays, keyboards, lighting products, device components, and surfaces. 

Radiant Vision Systems Prometric® I-Series

Accurate luminance and colour for production environments for measurements of backlit controls, LED luminance, and colour in luminaires or large LED arrays.



Measurement of Boot Lighting

A portable illuminance meter can be used to verify even and appropriate illuminance levels throughout the depth and breadth of the boot to improve customer experience.

Interior of a car with blue effect lighting.

Measurement of Trim Lighting

Use of luminance and colour camera for QC validation to measure the consistency and colour of effect lighting on dash and door trim to ensure that the desired colour and brightness is delivered.

Measurement of Illuminance / Brightness / Chromaticity of interior lighting

Inspect and manage the illuminance, brightness, and chromaticity of automotive interior lights with a luminance meter (CS-150 / CS-200) or illuminance meter (CL-500A). Thanks to the handheld design, it is easy to measure hard-to-reach areas in the cabin, such as near the steering wheel, near the doors, under the seats, etc.

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