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Stop firefighting and start innovating 


Organisations generally agree that their IT infrastructure is the backbone of their business operations and processes. Today's IT infrastructures are more dynamic than before, and more complex to manage. New technologies come on the market offering new capabilities in response to changing requirements, like home and hybrid working patterns, and increasingly demanding data storage and analytics. In parallel, cyberthreats become more prevalent and sophisticated, while data protection and related regulations evolve. 

So your in-house IT teams are pulled in two directions. They want to evaluate new technologies and roll out new applications and services to help transform processes and support business growth. But they don't have enough time, as they're too caught up in the everyday tasks of hardware monitoring; software, hardware and security patches and updates; managing backups and user rights; and troubleshooting. 

It's why organisations are increasingly turning to managed service providers (MSPs) like Konica Minolta. Our teams use their expertise to take over day-to-day infrastructure management, providing a proactive service that maintains high levels of availability and security, and giving our customers' internal IT teams the time they need to focus on strategic developments. 

When you choose Konica Minolta for managed IT services, we start by carrying out a requirements analysis before implementing applications, server monitoring, security monitoring tools and remote control capabilities. We can take over your IT helpdesk, providing further relief from time-consuming tasks. In addition, we can guide and support you in the adoption of new technologies, such as cloud platform adoption to expand your data storage and processing capabilities, or enterprise-wide rollout of new applications and services.  


Benefits of Managed IT Services

Peace of mind

Know that your IT infrastructure and applications are monitored and managed by experts.

Increased availability

Proactive management means that IT issues are spotted and resolved before they become problems that affect your business operations.

Security you can count on

Our managed IT services teams optimise protection for your data and IT infrastructure by staying up to date with the latest security threats and the tools to counter them.

Focus on strategy

With everyday monitoring and maintenance in safe hands, your in-house IT team is free to focus on strategic developments to support business growth.

Network analysis

How to ensure an organisation’s IT network is up to the challenge

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1. What is a managed service provider?

A managed service provider (MSP) supports and administers IT services — such as network, application, infrastructure and security — at customers' premises, in their own or a third-party data centre, or in the cloud. Konica Minolta provides a range of managed IT services including managed backupmanaged securityremote monitoring and management, managed applications, cloud data centre services, and workplace IT management

2. Why outsource to a managed service provider?

Organisations choose managed services to relieve their in-house IT teams of the burden of everyday IT infrastructure management. Working with a provider like Konica Minolta, they will often benefit from enhanced infrastructure availability and performance, improved infrastructure security, or new approaches to IT infrastructure — while also freeing up their own IT teams to focus on more strategic activities. 

3. Why are managed IT services important?

Managed IT services are important because they help to increase the reliability and security of organisations' IT infrastructure. For the vast majority of organisations, IT infrastructure is core to their operations so keeping it running smoothly is a critical requirement. By outsourcing everyday management of their IT infrastructure to a professional provider like Konica Minolta, organisations know it's being monitored and maintained by experts, and can confidently focus on their core business.  

Outsourced IT to empower SMEs

How to outsource the IT environment and management

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The confidence of working with a professional partner 


Konica Minolta Managed IT Services customers talk about the peace of mind that comes from partnering with us. Marius Olsen, Founder and Owner of Varri, a Norwegian importer and distributor of climbing and outdoor equipment, says: "I now have more time to focus on our suppliers, customers and markets, and I sleep well at night knowing that all of our IT equipment works properly at all times." While Olle Westerling, CFO of Elajo, a leading Swedish electricity, mechanical engineering and energy company comments: "We can be sure that for projects like infrastructure and IT support we don’t have to worry as Konica Minolta knows our business and delivers exactly what we need.” We can do the same for you, by ensuring your IT infrastructure provides effective support for your business today, and is ready to adapt to meet future needs.  


Finding the right IT partner

8 questions SMEs need to ask to decide on the best provider

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