Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Helping your high-potentials to make an impact - in the battle for qualified talent, every advantage counts

Many factors are important for a successful business, but one remains decisive: its employees. Having high performers in the company can make the difference and is a competitive advantage. As all companies compete to hire the best, HR-departments face the challenge of being first in the race to recruit them. This is not the only challenge for HR: from organising the onboarding process to constantly supporting employees – there are numerous requirements for these departments.

Simplifying core processes to help HR professionals excel

With regard to the specific needs of HR-departments, Konica Minolta deploys a comprehensive solution to digitalise the key-processes. The Microsoft-based solution, 365 Human Resources, empowers HR departments with improved efficiency at every step to develop the employees – from finding and hiring the right ones, to onboarding and providing continuous support. Konica Minolta provides a tailor-made-package that enables its customers to have the perfect fitting solution.

Attract, Onboard and Core HR all at your fingertips

365 Human Resources enables every HR department to digitalise work processes while significantly improving them. The software is divided into three applications to take care of every step from hiring to retaining employees.

The beginning of the cycle remains the challenge to find the right employees. Here, Attract comes into play, connecting applicants and the company at every level. HR managers can contact headhunters to search the market in the first place. When there is a vacancy, Attract provides digital support to create and publish job offers on numerous platforms – whether in the company’s own hiring portal or on job websites. The smart integration of LinkedIn provides the user with all information of the well-known social network for professionals with LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC). It also makes it possible to apply with a LinkedIn profile and generally ensures a simplified and transparent job portal. The interview process is also consolidated – thanks to integration with Office 365, Skype interviews can be scheduled more efficiently, saving money and time. Attract makes the process of approval easier when the right applicant is found.

Onboard comes into play once the perfect match has been found. The application supports the new employee’s first days and weeks, providing a number of documents and digital processes to shorten familiarisation time: templates for onboarding guidelines and step-by-step checklists ensure that the new colleague and their manager are supported optimally. It also connects new employees to the whole environment – from contact information of the colleagues to maps of the company premises or town, everything is included.

Ongoing HR support is required once an employee is in a permanent position. The Core HR application improves collaboration between the employee, the manager and the HR department, while at the same time self-service reduces administration work. Companies can display where competencies are needed most and show future career-opportunities transparently so that employees can follow their goals better. When it comes to teamwork, HR is empowered to track the successes and challenges of projects in order to increase performance. Core HR is able to analyse work processes in order to optimise both processes and costs, creating meaningful insights. On the administration side, recommendations for payments and policies for holidays and absences can be created in the customisable application.

The three solutions can be used separately or together, giving the necessary flexibility to find the right set-up. Joint use of the mutually beneficial applications leads to optimal support from HR – improving performance significantly. The predictive analytics and insights empower the HR department to optimise their work according to the findings. Centralised data are internally connected with all related software, from other Talent- and Microsoft applications to the rest of the IT environment. Safe collaboration across departments and communication with regard to employees are thus considerably improved. The smart applications are accessible from every device, making HR work processes more flexible than ever before. With every HR solution optimally matched, Konica Minolta makes HR department ready to tackle the future.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

  • Three applications for every need: recruiting, onboarding, retaining employees
  • The flexible and extendable software improves every HR department digitally
  • Available in any configuration to find the best solution for every requirement