BENS Server

Intelligent print output management

Streamlined output management for any print environment

Despite the ongoing digital transformation of many organisations, print remains a requirement in many business processes. But managing print jobs and output results effectively, and ensuring secure printing, can be challenging when you have to meet the needs of users ranging from mobile workers to print room specialists.

Konica Minolta's BENS Server can help by connecting your print environment, increasing the agility of your processes, and allowing you to harmonise results.

Whether you want to support printing from mobile devices; adapt your Konica Minolta bizhub MFPs and other devices to environments like SAP, IBM and other ERP systems; increase print security; or add barcodes, corporate fonts or macros to your print jobs, BENS Server provides the smart print management solution you need to manage it all.

A single, easy-to-scale BENS Server appliance can support a multi-vendor fleet and enhance the feature set of an entire corporate network.

Customer benefits

Working as an application-independent network print server, BENS Server

Translates proprietary print streams into standard printer language

Refines and optimises print data to produce the results you want to see

Enables the creation of user-specific print and document workflows

BENS Server

BENS Server

BENS Server can additionally provide unified print room management — supporting print policy definition, allowing product-based job processing, and facilitating efficient print queue management for increased efficiencies.

Adapt to any print environment. Integrate your Konica Minolta devices into almost any print environment.

Optimise printed output. Take advantage of conversion and enhancement capabilities and print data refinement to achieve the output you require.

Customise workflows. Incorporate barcodes, corporate fonts and macros into your print jobs; and create carbon copies to replace matrix printers.

Enable secure cloud and mobile printing. Allow native, secure printing from mobile devices, including BYOD; with full control over user access and a range of authentication options to release jobs.

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