AccurioPro Flux Essential

Essential tool to optimise print output.

AccurioPro Flux Essential provides all required information for professional job management at a glance. All print jobs are listed in the inbox. Print providers can choose from a wide range of intelligent print functions to administrate all incoming jobs. Offering unified print room management, AccurioPro Flux Essential's digital front end integrates all output devices and includes a cost-effective and timesaving cluster printing functionality.

AccurioPro Flux - the automated print flow solution by Konica Minolta

Scalability for complete flexibility – AccurioPro Flux is a highly scalable software suite, which makes available a range of tools to organise, automate and optimise a company’s entire print workflow.

Accurio Pro Flux Essential Workflow

AccurioPro Flux Essential

AccurioPro Flux Essential

Job management
Get a comprehensive overview about all print jobs 

AccurioPro Flux Essential provides a predefined set of imposition schemes (such as booklet, gang-up,etc.) to automate the error-prone task of arranging several pages on a single sheet.

Job editing
A convenient job editor lets you easily adjust paper size and weight; change jobs from colour to black & white and vice versa; change the finishing mode; add or delete tab sheets, slip sheets or empty pages, and much more.

Make-ready on the fly
With just a few clicks you can select imposition, media and finishing, run a preflight and immediately send the job to the printer. 

Integrate 3rd-party devices
AccurioPro Flux Essential is optimised for output on the Konica Minolta production presses. Nevertheless, printing devices from other manufacturers can also be connected. 

Additional options for AccurioPro Flux Essential 

Flux Raster Editor
This advanced editor allows editing documents on image/raster basis. It enables typical image editing operations (e.g. despeckle, deskew, brush, erase, line, fill) for single and multiple pages. 

Flux Document Converter > Operator option
Enables the operator to import native MS Office file formats.

Flux Preflight Pro
Detects and fixes PDF problems and runs automatic routines. 

Flux Multi Seat
Up to 3 operators can work as a team simultaneously and even collaborate on the same job.

Flux Label Impose
This option provides an automated label workflow for the Konica Minolta label printers.

Flux Barcode Pro
Allows the use of many additional barcode types for VDP and on signatures to drive offline finishers.

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AccurioPro Flux is Konica Minolta’s software solution for powerful make-ready, professional print workflow automation, convenient collaboration and effective output management. Its three modules Essential, Premium and Ultimate provide a central point of control, workflow automation and web-to-print.

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