OL Connect Professional/Enterprise

Document composition and automation software

Optimize your transaction and advertising documents. Automate manual processes to enable digital transformation. No need to change your existing environment.

OL Connect Professional and OL Connect Enterprise cover the entire communication process, from document creation and enrichment to distribution and dispatch via any channel, right through to archiving and reporting. It can be ensured that all processes can be automated which provide a step forward in digitalization.

OL Connect Professional and Enterprise are solutions with sophisticated functions for creating variable documents, receiving and customizing any data format, creating fully automated processes and outputting a wide range of document and data types.

Who is the typical OL Connect Desktop user?
Every company, regardless of industry, executes business processes to manage daily hurdles in the most efficient and organized way possible. Work processes always include a variety of documents such as orders, forms, invoices or others. The performance of OL Connect Professional is so impressive that the application is already suitable for a large number of companies. Of course there is AccurioPro Enterprise for special cases with even more exclusive specifications.

Everything in one
OL Connect offers everything from design creation, data import and customization, workflow control or the output of a wide variety of formats.

Simple and self-explanatory user interface, which also enables the implementation of complex workflows easily.

Easy to scale
The right product is available for every performance level, whether OL Connect Desktop, OL Connect Professional or OL Connect Enterprise.

Carefree working in everyday life with the support of numerous tools.

Multi-user solution
OL Connect makes it easy to expand the number of users - unlimited number of workstations.

Complete integration
Simple integration into existing system landscapes.

OL Connect Professional/Enterprise

OL Connect Professional/Enterprise



Orders that have to be generated again can be fully automated

Mail optimization

The integration of mail optimization programs is extremely simple, so that the integration of mail optimizers for franking does not pose a challenge either

Dynamic tables

Invoice printing or consumption billing are just one possible use case.


With OL Connect, you can communicate in many ways, whether via e-mail, web or print output

Online printer driver

With Connect Send you can print online from any application.

PDF input data

Data from imported PDF documents can be used in a variety of ways and is available for further processing.


Stored documents can be later easily found due to previous indexing.

Further editing

Direct control of countless processing machines


Leverage data across systems
and documents

  • Extract or collect data and print streams from any source
  • Process data from both current and legacy systems
  • Populate documents and workflows with captured data
  • Set up a standardized data model regardless of its source
  • Transpose data into a format fit for use on any layout

Design, enhance, and repurpose communications

  • Design documents from scratch or repurpose from print streams or PDFs
  • Construct templates for multi-channel output with an easy-to-use interface
  • Enrich documents using dynamic text, images, barcodes, graphics, and more
  • Apply consistent personalization and styling techniques for each channel

Automate document processes and solve
the integration challenge

  • Build and manage customized workflows with a drag and drop interface
  • Automate the processing, distribution, and archiving of business documents
  • Trigger independent and simultaneous workflows
  • Integrate with third-party systems and applications

Information input

Collect and extract data and documents from any system or source — ERP, CRM, legacy systems, PDFs, or OL Connect Send.

Document composition

Repurpose your existing documents or create new personalized content for multi-channel outputs. Add images, barcodes, inserter controls, and more.

Organize output stream

Put some conditions and logic into your outputs. Easily split, merge, group, and sort files.


Automate processes using rules and conditions to control its
final format and destination. Web browser, email, folder, printer,
EDI, ECM archive, and SMS.


Use your digital output to create new digital inputs.
Prompt additional processes based on
recipients’ behaviors.      

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