AccurioPro Flux Premium


Essential tool to optimise workflow automation.

AccurioPro Flux Premium provides a central point of control, including workflow automation as well as workload analysis. It is optimised for use in CRDs and in-house printshops of public institutions, universities and corporations, and provides an essential tool to minimise costs and maximise return on investment.

AccurioPro Flux Premium Workflow


  • Submission of print jobs via clients
  • Status tracking
  • Collaboration of multiple operators
  • Data analysis

Print policies and rules

Print policies and rules
  • Print policies
  • Print rules
  • Preflight

AccurioPro Flux Premium

AccurioPro Flux Premium


  • Flux Accounting Connector
    Integrates external accounting solutions into the print workflow. Connects AccurioPro Flux Premium to the accounting applications Pcounter (Control System), SafeQ (Ysoft) or PaperCut.
  • Flux Multi Seat
    One Flux Multi Seat license per additional operator is required to enable simultaneous work on the central job list (max. 10).
  • Flux Preflight Connector
    Integrates external preflight engines to fix PDF problems and avoid production errors. Connects to pdfToolbox (Callas) and PitStop (Enfocus).
  • Flux Raster Editor
    This advanced editor allows editing documents on image/raster basis. It enables typical image editing operations (e.g. despeckle, deskew, brush, erase, line, fill) for single and multiple pages.

How does AccurioPro Flux help you?

Using a job-ticket based print workflow, AccurioPro Flux Premium provides customers with a tool for easy and convenient ordering of print products. Via the company intranet, users can send print jobs directly from the source application to the print shop. The operators can choose from a wide range of intelligent print functions to administrate all incoming jobs

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AccurioPro Flux is Konica Minolta’s software solution for powerful make-ready, professional print workflow automation, convenient collaboration and effective output management. Its three modules Essential, Premium and Ultimate provide a central point of control, workflow automation and web-to-print.

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