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The digital office of the future today

Meeting basic requirements at the highest level

The office remains the heart of daily work – its proper functioning is absolutely crucial. While nowadays most office processes are digitalised, software also has to meet the high expectations and perform at the highest level. A variety of different programs are often used, leading to problems with efficiency and security. A connected, holistic software package is necessary to match the needs of modern offices and handle its challenges and also to be able to deal with every kind of task.

Providing modern teams with everything they need to work

At the core of its customer-centric approach, Konica Minolta aims to provide its customers with the solution that matches their requirements best. A smart and connected software package is deployed to provide office solutions: Microsoft 365. The Microsoft solutions are well-known and fully established in the field of office software and in use around the world on a daily basis. With Microsoft 365, Konica Minolta provides an evolved version: enabling connected and efficient office work on a public cloud platform.


The benchmark for digital office environments

Microsoft 365 covers all the needs of office-related tasks in a business day: from writing documents, calculating tables and equations, developing presentations to organising the calendar, collaborating in a team and much more. It also gives customers direct access to data, e-mails and meetings remotely. Furthermore, Microsoft 365 empowers users to collaborate live on documents simultaneously and provides a safe way to communicate with colleagues and customers via chat or calls. Specialist software addresses all these needs, while the solutions are connected to each other.


Familiar applications are smarter and more connected than ever before. Microsoft 365 integrates all apps seamlessly to create synergies: whether sharing a document created in Word, Excel or PowerPoint live via a Skype conference or collaborating across departments with Teams and OneDrive – nothing remains impossible with the Microsoft 365 solutions.


While office processes for daily business are important, it is even more important to safeguard them. Microsoft 365 provides a secure way to manage data and office processes, while making compliant with data security requirements.


The solutions are highly compatible with the commonly used operating systems: Windows and MacOS. The trusted and consistent Microsoft interface has also been optimised for mobile use and is therefore compatible with iOS and Android in order to promote universal access.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

  • Everything needed for the digital office: smart, connected and secure
  • The cloud-based applications increase flexibility and teamwork
  • Well-known and established Microsoft software

Mobile and remote working at Elajo

Elajo is one of Sweden’s leading electricity, mechanical engineering and energy companies, offering broad expertise and a knowledgeable staff of close to 900 employees.

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Working with state-of-the-art technology at FISCHER Weilheim

Whether excavators, cranes or flatbed trucks, at FISCHER Weilheim, a German company from the construction and transport industries, everything is consistently organised under the supervision of the new foreman: Microsoft 365. It also proved possible to optimise and increase the efficiency of data flows between the individual business units.

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Fischer Weilheim image of a truck
Melinda steel header

Cloud-based flexibility at Melinda Steel

At Melinda Steel, a Romanian steel products specialist, Microsoft 365 was implemented to provide secure, enterprise-grade communication and collaboration capabilities on a predictable and flexible pay-per-use basis.

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Microsoft 365

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