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Outsourcing to a trusted partner

Optimise your Microsoft 365 implementation


Why it's worth outsourcing to a trusted partner

If you've decided to implement Microsoft 365, you'll have thought about the objectives you want to achieve and what success will look like. But have you also thought about how to handle the implementation itself? This can be a complex project that requires skills you may not have in house, and dedicated resources you may not be able to spare.

Typical challenges SMBs face

These are just a few of the Microsoft 365 implementation challenges many SMBs face.


Which licensing model is right for your organisation?


What technical dependencies do you need to take into account?

Duration, cost and disruption

How long will implementation take, what will it cost, how disruptive will it be?


How will you align Microsoft 365 cybersecurity and data protection features with your security strategy?

Data migration

How will you migrate your data safely and securely?

User onboarding

How will you overcome user resistance, and do you have capacity to deliver user training?


Have you already implemented Microsoft 365, but things aren't running as smoothly as you expected?

Many companies implement Microsoft 365, only to find they still face many challenges:

Microsoft 365 is too complex to use

There are new updates almost every week, which overwhelm the IT team and users

Integration with other applications isn't running smoothly

Collaboration and hybrid working haven't improved as expected

Productivity hasn't increased as expected

They are struggling to train new people as they come on board

It's likely your internal IT team will be barely coping with these challenges because they simply don't have the necessary capacity or resources. 

If you're experiencing issues like these since implementing Microsoft 365, it's not too late to review your implementation and make improvements.


Why outsourcing can be the right solution

To overcome these and other challenges and get the best out of Microsoft 365, it can make sense to outsource the implementation to an external partner or, if you've already implemented it, to sit down with a partner and work out how to optimise your existing environment.

Konica Minolta can be your trusted partner for an outsourced implementation or optimisation review. We are a Microsoft Cloud Solutions partner with designations in all six areas: 


  • Data & AI (Azure)
  • Digital & App Innovation (Azure)
  • Infrastructure (Azure)
  • Modern Work
  • Business Applications
  • Security

That means we meet Microsoft's requirements for:

  • Skills – technical aptitude
  • Performance – number of customers
  • Customer success – deployment outcomes

So you can be confident we're qualified to help you. Our Microsoft 365 experts will take a consultancy-led approach to:

  • Planning and delivering an optimised implementation that's personalised to your needs and ambitions; or
  • Optimising your Microsoft 365 environment to help you get more out of it.

Why it might be worth outsourcing your Microsoft 365 implementation

Learn what makes Konica Minolta the right outsourcing partner for an optimised Microsoft 365 implementation.

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Optimising your existing Microsoft 365 implementation for improved outcomes

If your existing implementation isn't delivering the expected benefits, it's not too late to optimise it with Konica Minolta.

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Real business transformation with Microsoft 365: 6 stories of successful digital transformation

In recent years, Konica Minolta has carried out transformations in dozens of places, showing our clients that the path to new technologies can be pleasant and carefree. Watch 6 customer stories of successful digital transformation with Microsoft in this video and hear what our customers have to say.

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