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Microsoft 365: SharePoint Online and Viva Engage

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Would you like to enhance internal communications using your existing Microsoft 365 licence?

Employees of many organisations are increasingly returning to the office. In Europe, the rate of office occupancy rose from 43% (June 2022) to 55% (February 2023) — but still lags behind the pre-pandemic rate of 70%. In this hybrid environment, employees need access to the information and data they need to do their jobs, wherever they're working.

Would you like to:

  • Ensure every employee has access to all the information they need, no matter where they work?
  • Promote information exchange and dialogue among your employees?

If you already use Microsoft 365, you already have the tools you need to do this:

For internal communications, you can build a powerful, flexible and user-friendly central hub (or intranet) using SharePoint Online

For increased internal collaboration and interactivity, you can add Viva Engage as an internal social network

Building an intranet using SharePoint Online

With Microsoft 365’s SharePoint Online, you can securely store all your organisation's documents online – making them easy to find and access, even via mobile devices. You can also extend the use of SharePoint Online to create an intranet. 

Just like large enterprises, SMBs can gain valuable operational benefits from using SharePoint Online as an intranet that enables more effective internal communications.

Setting up and maintaining an intranet with SharePoint Online is quite straightforward. We'll show you how.

QUICK GUIDE - Intranet based on SharePoint Online

Our Quick Guide shows you the key functions for your SharePoint Online-based intranet in just 2 pages. You'll be able to set up your customised intranet in no time at all. 

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VIDEO TUTORIAL - How to create content in a SharePoint Online based Intranet

Do you want more detail? Watch our 10-minute video tutorial for a step-by-step guide to developing your customised intranet. 

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Building a corporate social network with Viva Engage

Viva Engage (formerly known as Yammer) is perfect for exchanging information on all sorts of topics within an organisation. Its user-friendly format is familiar to employees who use social channels, and easy for everyone else to use.  

The interaction is very simple – we'll show you how.

QUICK GUIDE - Viva Engage

Our Quick Guide shows you the key functions for your Viva Engage-based corporate social network in just 4 pages. In no time at all, you'll know how to promote dialogue among your employees. 

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VIDEO TUTORIAL - How to work with Viva Engage as your corporate social network

Do you want more detail? Watch our 3-minute video tutorial. Step by step, it shows you which functions to use to promote interactive dialogue within your organisation.

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Would you like expert support? Konica Minolta can help you enhance internal communications and collaboration

As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner, Konica Minolta’s professional team is ideally placed to help your organisation leverage Microsoft 365’s tools for internal communications and collaboration.

During an initial consultation, we'll work with you and your team to understand your needs and work out how to improve on what you're already doing. 

This may involve:

  • Developing a SharePoint Online–based intranet and helping your team to populate it and develop internal content using agreed templates
  • Rolling out Viva Engage and generating/sharing appropriate collaborative content across your business 
  • Expert training for your employees on content creation and other functionality
  • Developing an internal communications policy and best-practice guidelines 

Cost-efficient communication and information hub for employees

Leppäkoski is a versatile energy company in Finland providing electricity, district heat, natural gas and other energy solutions. The company wanted to solve several information management and communication challenges. In discussions with Konica Minolta, the provider reminded Leppäkoski that it was also an option to make better use of the existing Microsoft 365 licences and the opportunities they offered. 

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