Invoice 365

Keeping track of your records

Directing the flood of invoices into a guided stream

Many businesses are flooded with incoming invoices every single day. The path from distribution to the relevant departments through to final approval and payment can be a complex and error-prone process. There is a growing need for a stress-free and intelligent solution, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Smaller companies more often lack the capacity and resources for structured invoice management, leaving them with even more organisational work than larger companies.

Invoice processing exactly how your organisation needs it

Konica Minolta has recognised this customer need and therefore offers an invoice solution that fits large organisations as well as SMBs. With tailored invoice management like this, every company can now use the automation of invoice processing to accelerate their internal processes and free their resources for what really matters – their business.


Handle your invoices intuitively

Invoice365, Konica Minolta’s digital invoice management system, captures all incoming invoices and ensures that they are all mapped in one system. All relevant invoice details, for example invoice numbers, customers, order dates etc., are automatically processed, checked and recorded using text recognition and intelligent algorithms. All the bills are therefore kept safe and can be accessed from any place at any time. In addition, all collected invoices are immediately and automatically forwarded to the relevant department, which makes the process from the point of invoice reception through to approval and payment seamless.


Invoice365 is a tool for approving invoices in the MS Office 365 cloud environment that was developed to be able to adapt specifically to the needs of all industry market segments and all types of company organisation.


Konica Minolta’s invoice processing solution provides stress-free integration with existing ERP systems. The principal advantages of the digital process are the automated processing of invoices, the elimination of errors as well as the shorter processing time of invoices and the reduction of invoice processing costs.


Once Invoice365 is established, data and information are collected throughout the enterprise and guided into one stream of information, making it easy to maintain a transparent overview. Documents from all sources are then stored centrally and assigned to digital files. This integrates the world of paper into IT environments. All information is managed centrally in an ECM system connected to existing ERP systems. This gives all employees access to the same level of information provided they have the necessary access rights.


The information can be output for example via printouts on a multifunction system, to a screen or on a mobile device. All digital files are archived in compliance with legal requirements and the information is stored automatically in a digital archive.

Invoice 365

Invoice 365

  • Invoice365 captures all incoming invoices and ensures they are all mapped in one system
  • Digital invoice processing solutions reduce errors and processing costs while the smart application increases transparency and eliminates operational bottlenecks
  • Provides an audit- and data security-compliant system environment