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Focus on your core tasks and let us manage your printing infrastructure

Are you aware of your printing costs? If yes, you already know that hardware and consumables only account for some of it. Other aspects to consider are the infrastructure, which should fit your company’s specific requirements, and has to adapt to the processes and workflows it is a part of. Most importantly, you just want everything to work!

A lot of current printing environments are patchworks of printing, imaging and fax devices that aren’t managed or serviced to keep up with today’s business world. Such haphazard structures are an obstacle to your overall organisational efficiency. Having to spend too much time on administration or solving hardware problems keeps your employees from concentrating on their main tasks, and is a waste of time and money.

The goal of our Optimized Print Services is to enable your company to increase the efficiency of all its print and scan related processes. We create an individual solution for your requirements, which ensures maximum data security, is financially viable and environmentally friendly. Guaranteeing cost reductions and trouble-free processes, we develop improvement strategies on the basis of precise facts and figures. An important part of our Optimized Print Services is the management of your entire print and scan infrastructure, including practical aspects like the automatic delivery of consumables. We also focus on continuous optimisation – so that you and your employees can really concentrate on your core tasks!

Find out how we enabled the business of:

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Bank St. Petersburg Logo

Bank Saint Petersburg

Bank Saint Petersburg is the largest bank in Russia's North-West region. The bank was set up in 1990 and in recent years has become an integral part of the finance and economic sector of Russia's North-West region. As at 1st October 2017, the bank provides services to 1,890,000 private individuals and 51,000 companies in 66 offices in Saint Petersburg, the Leningrad Oblast region, Moscow and Kaliningrad, including a representative office in Novosibirsk. In asset terms, it is the 18th largest Russian bank (according to data supplied by the Interfax rating agency).
catalonia logo


Catalonia Hotels & Resorts is one of the main hotel chains in Spain. It currently has 69 establishments located in Europe, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, and until Konica Minolta optimised the printing fleet, it had over 180 devices and almost 70 different models, from seven different suppliers. Each unit had an individual contract, so the system was highly complicated when it was needed to request maintenance, repairs or toners. It also had problems with bottlenecks and low-quality printing. The long and hard consulting and analysis process started two years ago. Based on the results, Konica Minolta concluded that eight users could work perfectly with just one unit. This is possible because each unit added to the Catalonia Hotels & Resorts chain would have the required features: speed, quality, 6-month toner service life, and most importantly, it easily carried out any type of work, improving the productivity of the users and providing a better service to its clients. The analysis also provided a key piece of data: the amount of equipment could be reduced by up to 25%.
BorsodChem Logo


BorsodChem is one of the leading producers of MDI, TDI and PVS resin and chlor-alkali chemicals in Europe. Since February 2011, it has been part of Wanhua Industrial Group, the world’s fastest growing producer and marketer of polyurethane raw materials and related products.


With more than 24 million customers in eight countries, the Telekom Austria Group is a leading provider of telecommunication services in Central and Eastern Europe. A1 is the largest company within the Group, accounting for nearly two thirds of the total turnover. As market leader in Austria, A1 is the only operator to offer its 3.3 million customers product packages comprising landline, mobile communication, internet and TV options. Accordingly, the amount of internal communication between the 8,500 employees is significant, with paper continuing to play an important role. Using a managed print solution from Konica Minolta, A1 was able to consolidate its entire printing system and simplify its processes.

Fransabank Group

Fransabank Group, a client hailing from the Banking, Finance and Insurance sector with over 3000 employees, is ranked first in its network of local Lebanese agencies, which offer the national community all types of banking products and services. Among these services we find Corporate Banking, Investment and Private Banking, Consumer Banking, SMEs, Insurance and Savings.