Automative industry printing infrastructure and document workflow solutions on a global scale

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Automative industry printing infrastructure and document workflow solutions on a global scale

Automative industry printing infrastructure and document workflow solutions on a global scale

By providing the BMW Group with an integrated solution for modernising their printing infrastructure in a global collaboration, Konica Minolta helped to fulfil their high demands in sustainability and digitalization. A dedicated Global Customer Service team was set up to support BMW Group in 44 countries with printing solutions to optimize processes, implemented systems and over 11,000 installed devices. With Konica Minolta, the BMW Group is able to save resources while at the same time enhance the workflows at their production centres on a global scale.

The ideal partner for an efficient and ecological printing infrastructure and document workflow solutions

The collaboration between BMW Group and Konica Minolta initially began in four countries in 2011 – but it quickly expanded to a global partnership covering offices in 44 countries in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. As a supplier, Konica Minolta has a strong international set-up, an uncompromising attitude towards quality and efficiency as well as a philosophy putting a focus on sustainability and responsibility. The supplier is listed as Industry Group Leader of its industry segment in the renowned Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for 2017. This index is one of the most prestigious global indices for environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment. 

Konica Minolta is able to implement as well as manage a comprehensive global printing solution and provide a strategy to continuously digitise paper-based processes. This is achieved with low resource investment required from the side of the customers, by providing an independent global service team. Konica Minolta developed a coherent concept and solution package supporting BMW Group’s vision. 

For an international enterprise like BMW Group, the seamless implementation on a global level is essential. Therefore, Konica Minolta provided a smart connected solution, including hardware elements like desktop or multifunctional printers (MFPs) that help to streamline workflows and provide the necessary infrastructure within BMW Group production facilities. Further, the follow-me and secure printing solution that was implemented saves resources and ensures document security. 

The wide range of mobile features included enables the employees to securely and seamlessly execute print jobs from their mobile devices. BMW Group employees can print documents and images from any device as well as import scanned data, bringing workflow productivity with mobile devices to a completely new level. The solutions and services provided by Konica Minolta help to run business operations efficiently and smoothly – 24/7.


Software solutions improving workflows and efficiency

YSoft SafeQ – Follow-me and secure printing

This system is an ideal print management solution for an enterprise with multiple locations, which submit and release print jobs worldwide. With this system, BMW Group can manage all print and related activities centrally as well as protect the company’s entire print infrastructure from unauthorised access, while at the same time ensuring the utmost efficiency in printing. With the included follow-me and secure printing solution, employees can trigger printing from any place. This increases data security as well as ease of use. Additionally, it reduces paper waste, thereby saving resources and increasing sustainability. 

PageScope Mobile App

This app connects these mobile devices with Konica Minolta’s printers via Wi-Fi. It enables the employees to print documents and images as well as import scanned data, bringing workflow productivity with mobile devices to a completely new level.

Netaphor SiteAudit

Whether connected to a network or operated locally, this centrally organised, flexible and manufacturer independent hardware fleet management solution allows for an efficient management of MFPs and printers. Within a complex IT infrastructure, this SiteAudit provides BMW Group an overview of printed, copied and scanned pages for all connected devices. Further it reports incidents or required consumable replenishment directly into Konica Minolta’s ERP systems for a smooth operation.

Global service for a global company

For the BMW Group, Konica Minolta set up an uncompromisingly reliable global support. The supplier’s Global Customer Service (GCS) ensures both flexibility and agility on an international level – and it provides a local service team that is constantly available.

“Our Global Customer Service enabled BMW Group to outsource these tasks to us, unburdening their internal resources and reducing administrational efforts”, Ante Borau, Head of Global Operations within the dedicated global service team explains. He continues: “With our software solutions, we do not only monitor the global service availability, but address potential issues even before they occur.”

Despite being able to reduce incidents to a minimum, their occurrence can never be completely avoided. Working with the GCS is as seamless as it is fast and efficient: Konica Minolta provides a specialised Customer Service Desk, which is centralised at three locations worldwide. If there is a need for assistance at any BMW Group location, the required support group will be defined instantly. The resolution of the issue then takes place with maximum speed. ITIL based and certified processes on both sides ensure that this is achieved as effectively and quickly as possible.

“The incorporation of the Global Support Center (GSC) is a value booster”, Ante Borau explains. “With this, we provide a 24/7 service hotline around the globe. This ensures fastest possible reaction and resolution times.” 

Dr. Matthias Kießling, Head of the Global Account Team underlines: “It is our declared goal to run BMW Group's global printing service which exceeds the agreed SLAs. We are committed to support BMW Group's digitization strategy implementing new solutions to enhance productivity and find innovative ways that optimise the service and save resources. Therefore, we offered the BMW Group a solution that includes specialist teams, whose dedication and knowledge support BMW Group's vision and values.


New value created across-the-board

With the implementation of this project, BMW Group has been able to cut the energy consumption of its printing services by 28%. CO₂ emissions were reduced by 24,84 tons per month which equals 28%. Higher efficiency and digital alternatives also lead to a reduction in paper consumption: Every month, approximately 5.000.000 A4 sheets of paper or almost 25.000 kg of paper were saved, an equivalence of more than 37 European spruces per month. Furthermore, Konica Minolta managed the appropriate recycling of old devices as well.

Konica Minolta’s determination to achieve its ecological goals is presented in its Eco Vision 2050, setting long-term goals that look forward to the year 2050. To become a driving force in the field of sustainability, the company has set highly ambitious emission targets for itself: by 2050, it strives to reduce CO₂ emissions throughout the lifecycle of its products by 80% compared to the 2005 fiscal year level.

And beyond reducing its own CO₂ emissions, the company is also supporting its business partners and others to reduce their CO₂ emissions with the expertise it has gained so far.

With Konica Minolta’s solutions, it was possible for BMW Group to further improve the alignment of IT related services with business, further increasing the agility of its organisation. Looking forward, the goal is to keep the momentum in this project: User stories are identified and executed in Sprints. A joint innovation committee provides strategic direction and prioritises the different projects. 


  • Deliver and operate a global printing solution
  • Provide systems, which fulfil the highest demands for sustainability and efficiency
  • Set up an autonomous global service team


  • MFPs and desktop-printers
  • Smart software solutions, like YSoft SafeQ for follow-me, secure and mobile printing
  • A Global Customer Service team dedicated to the requirements of the BMW Group


  • Enhanced workflows
  • Significant reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Increased resource efficiency and specialised services on a global scale