Optimisation and centralisation of print management

Optimisation and centralisation of print management

Optimisation and centralisation of print management

The Saint Petersburg Scientific Research Institute of Vaccines and Serums (SPbSRIVS) of the FMBA of Russia is a recognised leader in the development and production of influenza vaccines in the Russian Federation. The institute, with more than 800 highly qualified employees, has a production capacity of up to 30 million doses of influenza vaccine per year.

The history began in 1886 with the creation of special medical institutions for carrying out vaccinations against rabies, then called “Pasteur stations”. The mission of SPbSRIVS is to develop and manufacture safe, effective and competitive means of prevention and treatment of infectious diseases in the domestic and world markets. SPbSRIVS takes an active part in the implementation of a number of approaches at the WHO level to countering COVID-19 and is part of several WHO working groups. With regards to a modern printing infrastructure and the freeing up of resources of the IT department SPbSRIVS decided for Konica Minolta as the preferred solution provider. With Dispatcher Paragon SPbSRIVS uses now a unified solution for monitoring and managing the printing infrastructure.

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Until now, we did not have a modern, complex solution that would have allowed us to manage printing devices in a single IT environment. During the pilot phase, the account ing department discovered how easy it was to work with the embedded MFP terminals for both scanning and printing. It was also important for us to migrate some key staff from our IT department to develop the business, and Dispatcher Paragon successfully managed this task!

Dmitry Leonov



  • Managing of printing devices in a single IT environment
  • Relief of IT department so that some IT employees could now do business development instead of managing print infrastructure
  • Easy work with embedded MFP terminals for both scanning and printing



  • SPbSRIVS has more than 100 printing devices (A4, A3).
  • The management decided to initiate a project to modernise the printing infrastructure and find an integrated solution provider that would solve the following problems:
  1. Optimisation of the print fleet and costs with their transformation from capital to operational
  2. Freeing up the resources of the IT department to support the operation of the print infrastructure
  3. Complete rejection of desktop printers (A4) with placement in the offices
  4. Implementation of a unified software for monitoring and managing the printing infrastructure



  • As a solution provider for a print infrastructure optimisation project, SPbSRIVS preferred to work with Konica Minolta.
  • This choice based on Konica Minolta’s proactive consulting approach and robust plan of the project which was divided into phases:
  1. Pilot project in which a new printing infrastructure of A3 MFPs in the accounting department is managed based on Dispatcher Paragon
  2. Replacing outdated devices and optimising the number of new devices, taking into account the locations, the convenience of employees and a secure print environment
  3. Further expansion and scaling of the printing infrastructure managed by Dispatcher Paragon for the new production building
  • 21 MFPs were released under the control of the Dispatcher Paragon server and the pilot was implemented seamlessly, which was also noted by the accounting department staff.