YSoft SafeQ

Comprehensive printing and scanning management

Manage printing, scanning, users and costs

Keeping a handle on everything to do with printing and scanning can be a headache for any organisation.

You want printing to be easy, so that no-one's productivity is hampered. You want to stay in control of what you're spending on print, and you want to avoid waste. And you want to reduce the risk of confidential information falling into the wrong hands. And if, like many organisations today, you're on a digital transformation journey, you want scanning to be as simple as printing, with easy, automated routing of scans to the right destinations for efficient document management, and ready access to electronic documents for those who need it.

You can do all of that with Konica Minolta's YSoft SafeQ, a comprehensive print and scanning management solution. It integrates with our bizhub multifunctional printers (MFPs) and other devices, including production presses, to help you:

  • Make printing and document capture more flexible, efficient and secure
  • Understand and manage the cost of document printing and capture operations
  • Improve information security
  • Centralise user management

YSoft SafeQ workflow

Customer benefits

YSoft SafeQ makes it easy for organisations to take control of their printing and scanning operations. With centralised user management, you can manage access rights (to colour printing or specific devices, for example) and enforce authentication to release print jobs.

As well as improving information security and reducing waste, user authentication adds flexibility and boosts productivity, as users can print to any device on your network. You can even allow them to print from their mobile devices.

Workflows that automate scanning management remove complexity from document capture and transform digital processes into the efficiency drivers your organisation expects. In addition to built-in workflows (such as scan-to-home and scan-to-email) you can add customised scripts to route scans to other locations, such as an on-premise document management system (DMS) or a cloud-based document storage solution. Advanced workflows provide additional functionality, such as optical character recognition (OCR), image cleanup, blank page removal, creation of searchable PDFs, and scan to editable Microsoft Word or Excel files for further processing.

YSoft SafeQ

YSoft SafeQ

And because YSoft SafeQ ties everything back to the user identity, you have all the reporting you need to track printing and scanning operations, assign and charge back costs, and manage budgets and quotas.

  • Simplified management of printed and scanned output
  • Efficient administrator-controlled user access
  • Multi-location printing and print roaming
  • Control over policies, rules and workflows for printing and document capture
  • Better information security
  • Efficient cost monitoring and chargeback management
  • Less print-related waste
  • Support for digital transformation, automation, and electronic document processing and management

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Arquia Banca cuts the cost of print

Arquia Banca provides retail and investment banking services to companies, professionals and the self-employed all over Spain. To reduce its print-related costs, Arquia Banca invested in YSoft SafeQ 6.

"We had to take a leap forwards in our service by adopting technology that would save costs and optimise printing… The most important thing is to measure so we can then assess and act. Konica Minolta is providing us with the system to understand what is being printed and that offers personal printing control." — Jaume Esteve, Director of IT, Arquia Banca.

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Concern Galnaftogaz simplifies printing, scanning and document security

Ukraine-based Concern Galnaftogaz operates a network of 400 filling stations and related services, including cafés, retail outlets, and petroleum storage and transportation services. They use bizhub MFPs and YSoft SafeQ at their 29 offices. Employees authenticate at the device to release their print, which allows them to print to any device, while keeping documents secure.

"Our employees can print, copy, scan, and recognise documents from anywhere with no need for unnecessary questions or actions.” — Mykola Horak, Head of Technical Support, Concern Galnaftogaz

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Galnaftogaz success story header image

Determine the energy and resource consumption of your printer fleet with an audit tool with YSoft SafeQ 

By using environmental audit tools to analyse your existing printer fleet, you can obtain environmental data and make improvements where necessary. YSoft SafeQ offers an in-depth analysis of an organisation’s print, scan and fax usage as part of reporting and dashboards. The resulting Green Report inform organisations on resources saved on paper printing such as water, timber and CO₂ emissions. 

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