Konica Minolta to Release the CF-300 Spectrophotometer With Precise, Effective, and Updated Technology

| 18 September 2023

Discover The Benefits of The New CF-300 Spectrophotometer And Its Industrial Applicability

Konica Minolta to Release the CF-300 Spectrophotometer with Precise, Updated Technology and with Unmatched Speed and Efficiency

[Nieuwegein, the Netherlands, 18/09/2023] – We are excited to unveil the cutting-edge Spectrophotometer CF-300, a groundbreaking solution designed to revolutionize colour management for small products. Engineered with unparalleled precision and versatility, the CF-300 empowers industries to achieve unparalleled accuracy in colour measurement and quality control.

Precision Redefined

The Spectrophotometer CF-300 sets new standards in precision colour measurement. It boasts the remarkable capability to measure target areas as small as 0.75 x 1 mm, catering to the needs of industries where minute details matter. Whether it's watch dials, smartphone components, eyeglass frames, or cosmetics, the CF-300 guarantees immaculate colour assessment with pinpoint accuracy. With the added advantage of a viewfinder, aligning the measurement part becomes effortless, significantly reducing measurement errors and enhancing overall efficiency.


Innovative Non-Contact Technology

Experience the future of colour measurement with the Spectrophotometer CF-300's groundbreaking non-contact measurement feature. Utilizing an advanced integrating sphere, this innovation allows colour measurement from a distance of 1 mm from the target. This not only ensures the preservation of the integrity of delicate products but also streamlines the measurement process, facilitating quicker and hassle-free assessments.

Unmatched Speed and Efficiency

Time is of the essence in production lines, and the Spectrophotometer CF-300 rises to the occasion. With a rapid measurement time of just 0.1 seconds per measurement, it facilitates continuous measurement at intervals as short as 0.2 seconds. Astoundingly, the CF-300 is capable of conducting up to 5 measurements per second*, making it an indispensable asset in enhancing quality control procedures on production lines.
Please note that for optimized high-speed measurement applications, the software can be tailored to suit specific line conditions, ensuring seamless integration into existing workflows.

"We are thrilled to introduce the Spectrophotometer CF-300, a product that redefines the possibilities of precision colour management for small products," said Ewald Rath, Technology Manager Colour & Appearance at Konica Minolta Sensing Europe. "With its unmatched ability to measure small target areas, perform non-contact measurements, and achieve remarkable speed, the CF-300 is set to transform the way industries approach quality control and colour assessment."

Discover the future of colour measurement with the Spectrophotometer CF-300.

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Konica Minolta Sensing Europe, part of the Industrial Business division of Konica Minolta, Inc. Japan, is a leading provider of measurement solutions for applications in the fields of Colour & Appearance and Light Measurement. Many of Konica Minolta's Measuring Instruments products are used as de facto standards for colour measurement. Throughout the EMEA region, Konica Minolta Sensing Europe serves the industry in more than 30 countries with Branch offices and qualified Distributors.
Derived from our state-of-the-art optical and image processing technologies, measuring solutions from Konica Minolta Sensing help improve quality control and support R&D in a diverse range of industries. We aim to grow Measuring Instruments Business by providing a diverse range of high value-added products solutions that enable high-precision measurement of colour.
With a commitment to innovation and excellence, we aim to consistently deliver groundbreaking solutions that redefine industry standards. The Spectrophotometer CF-300 is the latest testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of possibility and empowering industries to achieve unprecedented levels of accuracy and efficiency.
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