CF-300 Spectrophotometer

World-First non-contact, high speed spectrophotometer with 1mm measurement capability for small parts or components.

  • Measurement of 8mm (MAV) or 1mm x 0.75mm (XUSAV)
  • Non-contact measurement area either 8mm or 1 x 0.75mm
  • Compatible with camera connection for precision or automated alignment, ideal for system integration and accuracy on super fine 1mm details
  • Measure upto 5 times a second
  • Colour data that correlates with other sphere based spectrophotometers
The CF-300 is a next generation hybrid benchtop/camera spectrophotometer. Designed to meet the needs of modern manufacturing, the system is built with production integration in mind and can perform non-contact measurement of colour up-to 5 times a second. 

Colour control on small parts or details presents additional challenges for producers and the value chain.

Although small details are used for visual flair and as sign of quality, they are the most difficult to control. Typical sphere based spectrophotometers have a small aperture of 3mm, requiring colour control of such pieces left to the eye or to parallel technologies. This can make communication, specification and control of colour with suppliers a subjective, costly and imprecise process.

The CF-300 allows both lab and production teams to measure and control colour and colour difference even on tiny parts.

As the CF-300 is a sphere based instrument, the colour data correlates closely to other sphere based spectrophotometers used elsewhere in the colour development specification and QC process.

The CF-300 is unique in the market, the only solution able to measure such a small area, so accurately and at high speed.

The CF-300 is ideally suited to several high value industries such as consumer electronics, watches, eyewear, cosmetics that can make use of its small measurement aperture, fast measurement and integration into high tech manufacturing systems.


The CF-300 offers a solution to manufacturers who need high precision spot measurements that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to position manually. A traditional spectrophotometer, even with a sample viewer, can be difficult to align on smaller sample areas. By using the larger illumination / viewing area and camera viewfinder of the CF-300, manual or robotic alignment of the spot offers greatly improved accuracy and repeatability. The CF-300 can also be mounted to x-y robot to automate measurement of one or more positions, measuring at the smallest spot size of 1mm x 0.75mm.

The high speed non-contact measurement capability is a significant benefit to:
  • high speed lines of products which could be scratched by contact with an instrument,
  • part manufactured goods that must maintain consistent position during processing,
  • products that are powdery or tacky during the phase when the measurement is required,
  • products with extreme volumes such as clothing buttons.

Specifications & Downloads

Specifications & Downloads
  Spectrophotometer CF-300
Illumination/viewing system di:8°, de:8° (diffuse illumination: 8° viewing)
SCI (specular component included)/SCE (specular component excluded) switchable
Conforms to JIS Z 8722 condition c, ISO 7724/1
Integrating sphere size ø152 mm
Detector Dual 40-element silicon photodiode arrays
Spectral separation device Planar diffraction grating
Wavelength range 400 to 700 nm
Wavelength pitch 10 nm
Measurement range 0 to 175%; Output/display resolution: 0.01%
Light source High-CRI white LED
Illumination area MAV ø11 mm XUSAV 5×7 mm NC/NC with glass (Non-contact measurement) ø34 mm  
Measurement area ø8 mm 0.75×1 mm ø8 mm 0.75×1 mm
Measurement distance Contact measurements (MAV/XUSAV target mask): 0.0 mm
Non-contact measurements (NC target mask): 1.0 mm
Non-contact measurement(NC target mask with glass):0.7 mm
Measurement time Approx. 0.1 seconds
Minimum measurement interval Approx. 0.2 seconds
Repeatability Chromaticity value: Standard deviation within E*ab 0.02
(When MAV/SCI contact measurements of a white calibration plate are taken 30 times at 1-second intervals after white calibration)
Inter-instrument agreement Within E*ab 0.15
(Based on MAV/SCI contact measurements of 12 BCRA Series II colour tiles compared to values measured with a master body under Konica Minolta standard conditions)
Interface USB 2.0, RS-232C
Power Dedicated AC adapter (AC 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz)
Operation temperature/humidity range 15 to 30°C, relative humidity is 80% or less (at 30°C) with no condensation
Storage temperature/humidity range 0 to 40°C, relative humidity is 80% or less (at 35°C) with no condensation
Size (W×H×D) Approx. 186 × 202 × 317 mm (Including handle height: 246 mm)
Weight Approx. 7.3 kg
Measurement items* Various colour systems, indices and colour-difference formulas are displayed in the windows of the separately sold SpectraMagic™ NX2 colour management software. 
*For details about measurement items (colour systems, indices and colour-difference formulas), see the user's guide of the separately sold SpectraMagic NX2 colour management software. 


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CF-300 Accessories


CF-A32 1.3MP USB Camera set (Lens,mount,USB cable included)

Accessory set that allows the CF-300 to be connected and integrated with machine vision for allignment and record keeping. 

Item Order Code: AAG2-713


AC-A308 AC Adapter

Item Order Code: A32T-713


IF-A12 RS232C Cable (2m)

Item Order Code: 1859720



CF-A26 Benchtop Base

Base attachment with rubber feet and sample holder arm. Configures the device to function similar to a traditional benchtop spectrophotometer.

Item Order Code:  AAG2-710



CF-A27 Camera Adapter

Item Order Code:  AAG2-711


CF-A37 Zero Calibration Box (L:60mm)

Item Order Code: AAG2-714


CF-A38 Target Mask Non-Contact w/ Glass

Item Order Code: AAG2-715


CF-A39 Target Mask Non-Contact w/ Glass No Cal Jig

Item Order Code: AAG2-716


CF-A24 Calibration Certificate

Item Order Code: AAG2-799

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