Measurement Solutions for Signal Lighting

Measurement Technology for Development, Production, Installation and Maintenance of Signal Lighting

Measurement Systems for Signal Lighting

Luminance measurement solutions for signal lighting

Signal lighting is used all around us, a crucial component of the systems used for safety and infrastructure. Measurement solutions for signal lighting should ensure the traceability of measurements in order to record and validate compliance. Typical solutions will measure not only luminance for visibility but also colour to ensure that norms or national standards are adhered to. 

Systems are widely used for:
  • Traffic Lights
  • Road Lighting
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Airfield Lighting
Konica Minolta produces a number of traceable solutions for measuring signal lighting in development, production or in-situ to ensure that the lighting meets standards and performs as expected. Solutions will ensure control of brightness and colour with close correlation to the relative spectral response of the CIE standard observer. Utilising one of the recommended measurement solutions will allow producers and installers to benchmark, specify, produce, validate and maintain systems with accurate and traceable data.
Traceable measurement solutions can greatly expedite the process of development, production, and QC testing. Our expert teams can help to implement a system that allows all parties, from component manufacturer through to final QC and ongoing maintenance, to work in a more streamlined and consistent way.

Experience shows that a data driven approach allows supply chains and service providers to build relationships based on quality and consistency, reducing subjectivity, and simplifying specification and approval.
  • Offering customers a global network of sales, support and expertise, Konica Minolta can deliver tested and traceable solutions. Our network of authorised service facilities provide ongoing maintenance and calibration of devices to minimise downtime and ensure that systems remain traceable throughout their working life.
  • A measurement solution from Konica Minolta can ensure that you deliver products and services with the right quality for the right price by helping operators to easily and accurately characterise products from suppliers and competitors and by helping installation and maintenance teams to implementing a measurement system that is easy to use, reliable and provides traceable data.


  • Improve quality of signal lighting
  • Provide traceable documentation for products or installations
  • Easy to use systems



CS-150 Luminance and Colour Meter

Used for luminance and colour measurement of light sources, panels, and retroreflectors. These devices have a close correlation to the relative spectral response outlined in CIE 1931 and CIE spectral luminous efficinecy.

CS-200 Chroma Meter

Spectral based filter colorimiter offering a more portable alternative to a spectroradiometer for measurement of luminance and colour of luminaires, panels, and other light sources.

CS-3000 Spectroradiometer

Spectroradiometer for the most accuracte, repeatable measurement of luminance and colour with full spectral data from 380 – 780 nm. A versatile measurement instrument for development teams. Successor to the CS-2000 and CS-2000A.



Measurement of Airfield Lighting

Airfield lighting provides visual aids to assist in landing, taxi and take-off. Airfield lighting, alongside illumination of signage and other objects on the airfield is regulated by national and international bodies such as IACO and EASA. The lighting helps pilots to gauge distance and approach angle particularly in low visibility. Different colours such as red, green, yellow and white differentiate between different functions.

The CS-150 / 160 is recommended for this type of measurement providing portability, simplicity and accuracy, the system can be calibrated by Konica Minolta service facilities to provide traceability for data for 12 months at a time.

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