Measurement Solutions for Consumer Display Technology

Accurate and Traceable Solutions for the Testing, Inspection and Production of Display Technology

Measure the Quality of Display Technology

Display Technologies used in TV, Phones, Tablets, monitors etc

Display technology is being integrated into an increasing range of products, either where image display is a primary function of the product (tablets, mobile phones, televisions etc.) or where the display is part of the user interface (appliances, heating systems, home security, cameras etc.) Producers assess a number of parameters during development, and as part of the quality inspection process which may also include calibrations of colour and brightness.

Display and touch screen technology is integral to the customer experiences and product interfaces that brands seek to create. The proliferation of displays and display integration requires measurement systems that can keep pace with demand whilst maintaining quality standards that brands demand and customers expect.   
Konica Minolta Sensing and group company Radiant Vision Systems produce measurement systems for display technology in development or production environments to ensure a high quality user experience, in-line with the consumer expectations. Solutions will ensure control of brightness, contrast, uniformity and colour with virtually failure free detection of display defects like dead pixels and MURA. Our teams can ensure that producers benchmark, specify and produce with accurate and traceable data even for cutting-edge technologies.
  • HDR display and increased Gamut
  • High resolution and high pixel density display
Advances from modern technologies such as OLED and AMOLED that are being adopted into high value electronics such as televisions and mobile phones require advanced measurement technologies capable of measuring and processing data at speed.

Whilst the expectation for image quality may not be as high on the integrated display of a coffee machine, the expectation for product quality is not. Advances in consumer perception of quality mean that many of the tests required by a 8k television such as uniformity, and colour accuracy are being more widely adopted to integrated display technology production. Konica Minolta offer a range of solutions for all budgets to offer customers a measurement solution that can fit their processes.
Konica Minolta and group company Radiant Vision Systems produce a range of solutions, for all budgets, to measure display technology in development or production environments helping to ensure that the display produced delivers a high quality user experience, in line with the consumers expectations.

Solutions will ensure control of:
  • brightness,
  • contrast,
  • pixel defects,
  • light leakage,
  • uniformity,
  • viewing angle,
  • colour.
Accurate and traceable data will enable manufacturers to benchmark, specify and produce quality products at greater speed and for the right price.
Traceable measurement solutions for display characterisation can greatly speed up development, production, and QC testing. Our expert teams can help to implement a system that allows all parties, from component manufacturer through to final QC, to work in a more streamlined and consistent way.

Experience shows that a data driven approach allows supply chains to build relationships based on quality and consistency, reducing subjectivity, and simplifying specification and approval.
  • Konica Minolta can deliver tested solutions to customers in the display industry through a global network of sales, support, and expertise. Our network of authorised service facilities provides ongoing maintenance and calibration of devices to minimise downtime and ensure that systems remain traceable throughout their working life.
  • A measurement solution from the Konica Minolta group can ensure that you deliver a display with the right quality for the right price. Measurement technologies help development teams to characterise products from suppliers and competitors or help production optimise takt times by implementing a measurement system that can keep pace with production throughput automating inspection and calibration tasks.
  • Reduce production time, costs and rejects using automated inspection systems and purpose-built software that helps the production team set criteria based on accurate and traceable measurement data.


  • Reduce costs and save time communicating with supply partners by eliminating subjectivity in specification and QC with accurate and traceable data.
  • Meet takt time goals whilst achieving virtually failure free defect detection and achieving precise calibration of display colour.
  • Maximise the potential of new technologies by fast and accurate testing of viewing angle and the increased Gamut of HDR display.



CS-3000 Spectroradiometer

Spectroradiometer for measuring spot luminance and colour of display technology, accurate even when measuring at extremely low brightness levels. Successor to the CS-2000 and CS-2000A.

CA-410 Display Colour Analyser

Display colour analyser wideley used for the accurate test and calibraiton of display colour. Available in a variety of configurations and with improved connectivity from the previous generation.

FPD Conoscope Lens

Conoscopic lens for high-resolution photopic measurement of the angular distribution of colour, luminance, and contrast for displays and display components. Captures a full cone of view angle data in a single measurement to ±70 degrees.

CS-200 Luminance Colour Meter

Spectrally based colorimeter for luminance measurement, including chromaticity and colour temperature. The CS-200 Chroma Meter measures luminance and chromaticity of light emitting products as diverse as large plasma displays, compact LCDs and LEDs, outdoor screens and instrument panels.

Radiant Vision Systems Prometric® Y-Series

Radiant ProMetric® Y is a high performance imaging photometer, designed for high-volume production testing of displays, keyboards, lighting products, device components, and surfaces. 

Radiant Vision Systems Prometric® I-Series

Accurate luminance and colour for production or development environments. Available in a range of megapixel configurations and with software developed specifically for detailed and automated display measurement tasks.



Inline display inspection and calibration

Read a recent article from Consumer Electronics Test and Development on the relative merits of using a Radiant Vision Systems Y-series imaging photometer and Konica Minolta CA-410 display colour analyzer inplace of an imaging colorimeter in order to improve takt times and display configuration in a high volume production environment.

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