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Safety on the move – why camera surveillance works on public transport networks

Do you feel safe travelling or working on public transport late at night? You certainly should do – which is why intelligent video surveillance systems such as those from MOBOTIX are such a wise addition to modern transportation networks, functioning to encourage greater mobility and create peace of mind amongst passengers and employees of the services.

There has always been a need to keep members of the public safe on public transportation systems in towns and cities, of course – both on the vehicles themselves, and in and around station premises. 

In recent years, however, as incidents of terrorism, crime, theft and vandalism have become more common, and government regulations more stringent in response, the challenges faced by those managing such systems have evolved, and there has been a huge rise in demand for security systems. 

The benefits of installing camera surveillance on public transport systems are huge. They keep users and staff safe, and networks running smoothly around the clock. Wireless surveillance systems make members of the public feel more secure, encouraging mobility and discouraging vandalism and crime. And they let passengers feel safer using the systems, especially in the hours of darkness. 

Surveillance camera systems can be positioned discreetly, and are robust and reliable. They are well-suited to both indoor and outdoor use, in any type of vehicle, platform, waiting room or public space, at all speeds and in any weather conditions. 

MOBOTIX cameras are made in Germany, and offer guaranteed quality and technical reliability, as well as maximum coverage with the minimum number of cameras thanks to their use of hemispheric technology, so there is less need for maintenance and the return on your investment is higher.



So much more than a standard solution

MOBOTIX cameras can be used in a wide range of different ways at a modern organisation, and are renowned for their outstanding reliability. The cameras provide the ultimate in energy efficiency, and are incredibly accurate: just one camera can discreetly monitor a huge area with no blind spots.

Video Management System (VMS) – Everything from a single source

VMS offers Intuitive and flexible MOBOTIX software solutions for video management, video analysis and device control. No management server is necessary, as all intelligence built-in (VMS/Embedded Video Analytics)

The perfect all-round package

We accompany you at every stage of the process, ensuring you are offered an all-embracing security solutions concept tailored to your organisation. Starting with a detailed consultation – including site survey and analysis – we address the specific needs of your company, optimising and enhancing your entire video infrastructure. A proper project management solution will include professional installation, followed by remote monitoring services to control IT infrastructure and network status, and maintenance to ensure trouble-free operation of your video security system.

If you think your company or organisation might be able to benefit from a video surveillance solution, click here for further details:

Reliable Video Solutions Tailored for Transportation

Camera robustness, Hemispheric technology and decentralized image and event management make MOBOTIX the logical choice for mobile security.

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