Human Capital Management (HCM)

Your talent is your capital – manage it accordingly

Find and keep the right people – our HCM solutions support your HR department at every stage of the employee management process

In times of increasing digitalisation of business processes, the people within your company still remain your most invaluable asset. For this reason, providing your HR-department with appropriate IT systems to support them optimally in developing and managing your employees is essential.

HR departments face a variety of tasks every day, from competing with other companies for highly qualified talent to supporting onboarding and daily work in the company. Having the best-suited and performing employees is crucial to remaining competitive. Our solutions support your HR department in its main responsibilities of keep tracking in the race for the best of the best.

Three stages of developing human capital are essential. First, recruiting high performing talents that create value for your business. Your HR department therefore requires digital assistance when searching for the right candidate, planning job interviews and so on. Once the right candidate is found, your new colleague needs to be onboarded. This requires a specified guide for the process and required responsibilities for other colleagues. And last but not least, employees need to be continuously supported with daily recurring HR tasks.

With applications specifically dedicated to these three stages, Konica Minolta covers the needs of HCM based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Since these three applications are available separately or as an all-in-one package, we can provide you with exactly the HR solution you need, significantly improving the digital infrastructure for your HR department.