Konica Minolta’s JT Suite 6 takes new modular approach to print automation

| 10 June 2015

Introducing the new JT Suite 6, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe (Konica Minolta) replaces its previous, successful JT software solution for Make-Ready, Print Automation, Web-to-Print and professional Output Management with a flexible software suite that takes a more modular approach. As a powerful but easy-to-use solution for in-house print facilities and smaller commercial printers, the JT Suite 6 provides essential functionality, minimizing costs and maximizing return on investment.

With regard to print production, customers these days expect minimal turnaround times and same-day delivery. As run lengths are getting shorter, print providers as well as internal printing facilities need to process more jobs to reach viable production volumes. Another requirement is the seamless integration of the most diverse output devices into one smoothly running system.

As a comprehensive software system that grows with a company’s evolving needs, the new JT Suite 6 features an entirely scalable architecture for a maximum of flexibility. Customers initially acquire the basic module, Konica Minolta JT Basic 6, which they can upgrade with the add-on modules JT Workflow 6 and JT Web 6 at any time, whenever an enhanced functionality is required.

JT Basic 6 provides imposition, make-ready, output automation, colour split as well as 20 hot folders. To this, JT Workflow 6 adds one JT Workflow Server, which allows setting up operator accounts, rules and reports as well as connecting unlimited clients (JT printers). Requiring both, JT Basic 6 and JT Workflow 6, JT Web 6 further extends the functionality with a web-to-print module that includes an LDAP connector, basic VDP features (forms), an online payment connector, a shop corner, and the possibility to set up a copy service. By purchasing additional JT Multi Seats, the different modules of the JT Suite 6 can be used on up to 10 JT workstations simultaneously.

As a powerful and intuitive entry-level product that scores with its scalable architecture, the JT Suite 6 delivers the important functionalities of print automation and job-rule creation to print service providers (PSPs) and in-house printing facilities (CRDs) in the public sector as well as corporate environments. With the JT Suite 6, the entire production workflow can be automated, which minimizes the need for manual intervention and makes operation simple for anyone. The JT Suite 6 combines a low learning curve with a generous feature set and offers the advantage of seamless integration into existing production environments. Collaboration among different operators is much facilitated, as all JT Workstations are connected to one server and share a single job list. Thanks to the “Dashboard”, it is simple and straightforward to keep track of orders and outstanding tasks.

"At a time of limited budgets and squeezed margins, workflow automation is more important than ever – in print production as much as in any other business area. Konica Minolta has long been focusing on supporting print providers, whether external companies or in-house print rooms, in streamlining and automating their production workflows, from the setup and prepress stage right up to the inline finishing of prints to the final product," outlines Achim Ricks, Production Printing Applications Manager, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe, the target market for the new JT Suite 6. "With the latest version of our print automation software, achieving this has now become much simpler and doesn’t even need much training. The JT Suite 6 is an easy to use yet powerful application with which any company can adopt print automation – especially as flexibility and easy upgrading are guaranteed, thanks to the new modular approach and scalable architecture! We are convinced that also our customers will appreciate these advantages!"


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