Konica Minolta’s AccurioPro Flux is a scalable solution that adapts to each customer’s needs

| 3 August 2016

With AccurioPro Flux, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH (Konica Minolta) offers a pre-press and print automation software suite that grows with customers’ requirements. Three variations of the software with an increasing set of functionalities provide customers with tools to organize, automate and optimize their print workflow for maximum productivity and flexibility, and minimal turnaround time. AccurioPro Flux will be available from August 2016.

“Accurio Pro Flux is a powerful but easy-to-use Production Printing software suite for in-house print facilities and small to medium-sized commercial printers. Each of the three variations of the software is perfectly matched to the business requirements of our customers”, explains Achim Ricks, Production Printing Applications Manager at Konica Minolta. “The entire software suite is scalable to individually meet our users’ needs. From CRD printroom operation to a web-to-print online shop: as requirements change, more features can be added to ensure maximum productivity.”

Powerful from the get-go
AccurioPro Flux is equipped with the essential print automation functionalities for small and medium-sized commercial printers and in-house printing facilities (CRDs). All users benefit from the key features of each of the three versions, which ensure minimal turnaround time while maintaining maximum flexibility. The entry-level suite, AccurioPro Flux Essential, provides a centralized control point for the printroom, including makeready and print control features. As a powerful and intuitive product, its strengths lie in its functionalities, such as impositioning, makeready and output management, which mean enhanced convenience for end users and increased flexibility and efficiency for administrators.

Upgrades for the ultimate experience
Upgrades to AccurioPro Flux Premium and AccurioPro Flux Ultimate come with additional functionalities that further optimize the workflow. Users of the premium version benefit from print workflow automation, reporting options and internal job submissions. Using a job-ticket based print workflow, AccurioPro Flux Premium provides customers with a tool that makes ordering print products easy and convenient.The most comprehensive version, incorporating the largest set of features, is the AccurioPro Flux Ultimate. The additional functionality of AccurioPro Flux Ultimate consists of a web-to-print online shop, enabling print service providers, in-house print shops, public authorities and the education sector to offer secure, job-ticket based online submission for printing jobs. With its scalable architecture, the AccurioPro Flux software suite can be seamlessly integrated into the workflow and optimize existing processes.

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