Konica Minolta introduces the innovative Ideation Platform to simplify idea management

| 16 July 2018

The Konica Minolta Ideation Platform will provide customers with an environment in which ideas can be shared, worked on, organised and grown into something bigger. With the Ideation Platform, organisations can utilise their own potential to support internal processes and customer-centric growth.

Everything starts with an idea. Ideas drive technological advancement, fuel innovation and are the key resource for future success. One of the biggest business challenges in creating a culture of innovation is to manage ideas successfully while getting the most value out of them. With the Ideation Platform, Konica Minolta addresses this issue, and introduces an innovative and integrative solution. The platform gives customers the opportunity to tackle specific challenges and problems that need to be solved.

Utilise your own potential

Konica Minolta’s Ideation Platform provides a framework where each idea is connected to the right target audience, and thus has the potential of growing into an improvement the whole organisation can benefit from. Unlike existing solutions, the Konica Minolta Ideation Platform is easy to adopt and maintain.

Simplify the path to success

Features such as social network discussions make Konica Minolta’s solution unique. The Ideation Platform is no stand-alone package, but can be integrated into existing applications such as Microsoft Outlook and CRM, among many others. In order to fit seamlessly into the customer’s corporate identity, the surface is customisable. This streamlines innovation management and helps to drive focused conversations by connecting the right internal and external stakeholders with suitable ideas through an intuitive and self-explanatory system. Campaigns can be set up easily around certain topics or problems to start the idea generation with the right community in support. These methods save time and enable seamless integration into everyday working life. With the Ideation Platform, Konica Minolta focuses on the key factors of effective idea management: being open to all participants, intuitive and simple to use to ensure maximum efficiency, while being competitive and rewarding to foster a creative challenge between participants.

About Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH, based in Langenhagen, Germany, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Konica Minolta Inc., Tokyo, Japan. Konica Minolta enables its clients to champion the digital era: with its unique imaging expertise and data processing capabilities, Konica Minolta creates relevant solutions for its customers and solves issues faced by society. As a provider of comprehensive IT services, Konica Minolta delivers consultancy and services to optimise business processes with workflow automation and implements solutions in the field of IT infrastructure and IT security as well as cloud environments. Konica Minolta was awarded the prestigious “Buyers Lab PaceSetter award for Smart Workplace Vision” from Keypoint Intelligence” as the only vendor in its industry thanks to its forward-looking vision of the future of work and investment in innovative technology. Being a strong partner for the production and industrial printing market, Konica Minolta offers business consulting, state-of-the-art technology and software and, in 2017, was the production printing market leader for the tenth consecutive year in Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa (InfoSource). The hardware portfolio covers light and mid production as well as industrial printing machines. Konica Minolta Marketing Services provides value added services that intelligently link print and digital marketing in an effective and efficient way. In the healthcare sector, Konica Minolta drives digitalisation of clinical workflows and offers a broad range of next-level diagnostic solutions. Through its Business Innovation Centre in London and four R&D laboratories in Europe, Konica Minolta brings innovation forward by collaborating with its customers as well as academic, industrial and entrepreneurial partners. Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe is represented by subsidiaries and distributors in more than 80 countries in Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa. With almost 9,900 employees (as of April 2018), Konica Minolta Europe earned net sales of over EUR 2.37 billion in financial year 2017/18.

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