Konica Minolta completes the renewal of its A4 line-up with the new bizhub C3850FS

| 14 January 2015

Konica Minolta presents a fully equipped multifunctional printer that offers basic finishing functionality and is based on the successful bizhub C3350/C3850 series, which offers an excellent range of features. The new bizhub C3850FS represents the next generation of Konica Minolta A4 devices in terms of features and operability. Like the A3 devices, it has been developed to set standards in the market, to fulfil every customer requirement and therefore to fit perfectly into every printing environment, since the product design is now being standardised for A3 and A4 devices.

“The new bizhub C3850FS completes the renewal of Konica Minolta’s A4 line-up and will soon set standards in the market. The intuitive handling and various features of the new device are outstanding and very similar to A3 devices. The new A4 multifunctional printer in the bizhub series has been developed to ensure the best possible compatibility of A4 and A3 systems in order to meet the requirements of customers in their daily office workflows”, says Ronja Harste, Product Manager Office Printing, International Marketing Division.

Saves time thanks to basic finishing functionality

To reduce manual operation, it is important for office workers to have a device that best supports individual workflows and facilitates daily work. With its standard finishing functionalities ‒ even in basic configurations such as stapling, offset sorting and offset grouping ‒ the bizhub C3850FS fulfils customer demands and dramatically reduces manual work for work groups of all sizes. The new device is therefore perfect for users who need a highly sophisticated device but do not require an A3 device. Familiar product designs and user-friendly operation ensure that very little training is needed.

Ease of use with intuitive user operation
Complex user menus, confusing interfaces and tiny displays: operating A4 multifunctional printers can be particularly complicated and often slows down daily office work. For customers, it is important to have a device that is easy to understand and intuitive to use. The new bizhub C3850FS offers exactly that, since operating it is very similar to operating the well-established Konica Minolta A3 devices. The bizhub C3850FS is equipped with a large seven-inch touchscreen panel that resembles smartphones and tablets and can be partly controlled with multi-touch gestures. The clear, well-structured menu and interface increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

High flexibility owing to great feature set
In the field of A4 systems there are a lot of low or average featured devices, but only a device with an excellent set of features can fulfil all user demands, offer high flexibility and improve productivity at work. Even the standard configuration of the bizhub C3850FS provides a top-class feature set that includes an automatic reverse document feeder, an integrated finisher, a duplex unit and high paper capacity. Further functions are PCL & PostScript print controller, 1 GB of main storage, USB drive, and barcode and Unicode printing.

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